33-year-old Man Complains Of Abdominal Pain Every Month: He Discovers He Has Ovaries And Uterus

There are still many mysteries surrounding the human body, despite the fact that technology and medical advancements have greatly contributed to the world’s evolution. Perhaps this explains why some pregnant women don’t find out they’re expecting until right before giving birth. And possibly for this reason, a 33-year-old guy from a small town in the Chinese region of Sichuan made an astounding discovery that left everyone in awe: after complaining for years about stomach pain and traces of blood in his urine, the man discovered he had ovaries and a uterus.

Since a long time ago, Chen Li—whose name has been changed for privacy—has complained about monthly stomach aches and blood traces in his urine, but he has just recently visited a doctor. After carefully examining the patient’s case, the doctor determined that it was an instance of intersex: Chen Li was born with both male and female organs despite having entirely male genital organs. It was obvious that the pain and blood that surfaced each month were menstrual cycle symptoms. Chen Li was shocked and upsetting to learn this because he had thought he had appendicitis. Despite having enormous levels of female hormones in his body that were comparable to those of a healthy adult woman, the man had always identified as a man. The man had his feminine organs removed during a three-hour surgery so he could live his life as a man.

The man had surgery, and the doctor said: “After the surgery, he felt at ease right away, and his confidence returned. He will be able to spend his life as a man going forward and won’t be able to procreate.” These are uncommon situations that are typically identified during puberty, do not result in any bodily harm, but may result in psychological anguish. It seems odd to ignore a problem like this or to put off going to the doctor for so long, yet many people appear to delay exams due to embarrassment or anxiety.

Source: mirror.co.uk


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