Madonna Says Her Teenage Son Wears Her Clothes And Looks Better In Them

Madonna American singer-songwriter Louise Ciccone, better known by her stage name Madonna the Queen of Pop Music, is renowned for her eclectic musical style and creative visual presentation.

She is one of the media and music industries’ most well-documented public personas today.

The 63-year-old recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed some fascinating information about her son.

The Vogue model revealed to Jimmy that her sixteen-year-old son David frequently dons her clothing and looks fantastic doing so.

She remarked, “He can dress up in any clothes and look slick, as you know what.” It truly annoys me. He dresses in my clothes and looks better. Even in a dress, he can pull off the butch appearance.

She was correct, too. She and David were reportedly seen in May attending the World Lightweight Championship at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn while dressed alike, according to the Daily Mail.

“The couple wowed in Adidas costumes, with David rocking a red and white frock, a layer of necklaces, and black sneakers,” said one observer.

Fans have already heard similar statements concerning David Banda, Madonna’s son. The singer of La Isla Bonita frequently shares family photos with her followers, some of which feature David in girlie costumes.

He was adopted in 2003 when he was just thirteen months old, she added in one of her earlier interviews.

“I met David while working on my music and supporting an orphanage in Malawi. He had only been alive for a year and three months. I anticipated that he would be my child, and he is.

Speaking on The Tonight Show, she said,
“He’s going to end up being one of your guests, he has ‘everything’ needed to be a star.”
Jimmy concurred and responded,
“He has it. He is magical. He is attractive, athletic, humorous, and charming. He also has a fantastic sense of humor.”
The singer also adopted Mercy James, a young Malawian woman who is now about 16 years old, in 2009.
When they were just four years old, she adopted the twins Stella and Estere later in 2017.
Six children, including two she and her partners Carlos Leon and Guy Ritchie share, make up Madonna’s joyful family today. Lourdes Leon, her first biological daughter, is now 25 years old, while Rocco Ritchie is almost 22. These two were followed by the adopted kids.
During her conversation with Fallon, she recalled one of her most embarrassing former experiences, which occurred at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards when she unintentionally slipped on stage and exposed her back to the audience.
“I did that show, and I walked down the very steep stairs of the wedding cake and I got to the bottom and I started dancing around in my white stiletto pumps fell off,” she said.
“And I was trying to do this smooth move like, dive for the shoe and look like it was the choreography. And my dress flipped up, and my butt was showing. Can you imagine?”

“Those were the days when you shouldn’t show your butt to have a career. Now it’s the opposite,” she laughed.

Madonna added,“It all happened by accident, and when I didn’t even know my butt was showing, it wasn’t even like the whole butt. It was just like a butt cheek, like half a butt cheek. But yeah, when I went backstage, my manager told me my career is over with.”


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