Woman Who Survived Two Pandemics and Retired at the Age of 100, Celebrates 107th Birthday

Up to the age of 100, Velma Finger, better known to her friends as Sally, managed the condominium where she lived. Even though she eventually retired, she has continued to live since then. With tremendous joy, she recently celebrated her 107th birthday in the company of her loved ones.

Some people dread old age, but in her words to KFVS, “I suppose it’s what you make of it yourself.”

When Woodrow Wilson was president and women couldn’t vote, Finger was born in 1915. In order to get the doctor to deliver her, her father mounted a horse. She has lived through a century of development, which has seen the widespread adoption of computers, electricity, and automobiles.

In addition to the changes in technology and other aspects of how people live, Finger has also been affected by the Spanish flu and the coronavirus pandemics. When her mother contracted the Spanish flu in 1917, she was residing in Advance, Missouri. Finger told KFVS in 2021 of the dearth of confirmed information, “Nobody understood what to do in those days. We just went along with it all. She also described how bad the flu was for her and her mother, adding.” My mother had it, and they didn’t think there was any chance that she could survive it.

She claims that she can now recognize the similarities between the coronavirus of today and the Spanish flu of the early 1900s because she has personally experienced both pandemics and received vaccinations. I believe we will succeed, though I might not witness it, she added.

As a happy grandma, Finger claims that her great-granddaughter and granddaughter are “wonderful kids.” She continues, “I believe I will leave this earth a better place for my children and grandkids when I pass away.”

Finger claims that while she doesn’t have a genuine longevity secret, she does eat a lot of vegetables with olive oil and peanuts and has avoided meat for a long time. She reads and does crossword puzzles to keep her mind active. She also credits her love of exercise and golf, as she enjoys taking strolls around the course in the fresh air, according to Fox Carolina.

The home health aide for Velma is Linda McGill. As much time as he can, McGill spends with her. She stated: “Velma Finger, who? Please don’t ask me to explain her since I can’t. She really is fantastic. She defies explanation from anyone.”

The simplest way to sum up Finger is to call her a woman with a big heart and a compassionate soul. McGill claims: “We all require a sharing partner. And we all require love from someone. to be able to continue living.”

If I leave today or tomorrow, Finger continues, “I believe God has blessed me with years, and I pray that he blesses you.”

Source: discover.lessonslearnedinlife.com


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