After Losing Her Daughter In A Horrible Accident, Mom Finds Secret Letters In Her Room

This lovely young lady died in a vehicle accident. Like everyone else, the 16-year-old had a wonderful life ahead of her. She cherished the time she spent with her loved ones, partner, and friends. She has a reputation for being the outgoing and humorous one.

Macy Mathis wasn’t like most teenagers, who frequently dislike spending time with their loved ones. Above all things, she valued her family, and a year before she passed away, she began writing her mother letters.

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Her mother discovered the letters in her room and started crying when she saw them. She choked on the many bittersweet memories that it brought back.

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is losing a kid. It turns into a nightmare that many people never fully awaken from.

You are familiar with how it feels to lose a friend; now, consider losing someone you carried, looked after, and shared a home with. When someone you love suddenly passes away, it always leaves a huge hole in your heart that will never heal no matter what you do.

They merely have to put up with the suffering of losing a child. Cindy really missed her daughter. Even though she was aware that it was impossible to bring Macy back, she clung to the hope that there was some way she might see her adorable rabbit again.

One day, Cindy discovered the largest gift her daughter had ever given her—25 sealed envelopes containing letters with themes for every occasion—before she passed away.

Each letter had a different topic to help her mother feel better when she was having a terrible day: sleepless nights, unpleasant days, and gloomy weather. When Cindy said one of the themes on the letters, “Open when… you miss me,” she immediately became frozen.

Cindy was experiencing a range of emotions. She was at a loss for words and unsure whether she would find consolation in the encouraging letters her daughter had written her.

Cindy opened the letter with trembling hands and a heavy heart. Macy penned:
“Hello, mom. I’m sorry if I’m gone from your life. I hope everything is fine for you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. I’m sure I miss you too. Sincerely, I dislike spending too much time away from home. I am rather easily homesick. I would look forward to being with you when I was little and lived with Dad.
Although I believe that you always had delicious food at your home, I believe that the majority of it was due to how much I was missing you. You have my unwavering affection, Mommy. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Apple Mathis
This is so moving that I can’t help but cry. Cindy must be struggling, and I’m hoping that her daughter’s words may help her find some solace.

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