Shaquille O’Neal Shows Unthinkable Kindness to Family with 9 Kids, Plus Tips Struggling Waitress

The only thing that might eclipse Shaquille O’Neal’s basketball success is his generosity. The former athlete recently treated a family with nine children with unimaginable generosity AND gave a struggling waitress a tip.

Shaquille O’Neal’s real friendliness is something Karissa Collins can talk about for hours. It’s not easy for anyone to raise a wonderful family of nine children, as she and her husband have done. Mom and dad have to exert unending energy every day just to make sure that everyone is wearing their shoes on the right foot!

Shaq discovered the big, devoted family online only a few months ago thanks to their over 400,000 followers on Instagram, The Collins Kids. He contacted the lovely family over Instagram and sent them a unique video. He said he like all of their videos and wished he could meet them. AND to address him as Uncle Shaq!

Shaq paid them another visit and brought them out to dinner just a month after they first saw him in person. He not only paid for the family’s meals, but also for the tab at another table. The party at that table was actually from out of state and was serving in the region as missionaries!

The man also left their waitress a $1,000 tip because he can’t get enough of giving back to the world. That was going to assist her in repairing her recently broken-down car.

After just one supper, Christ continued to bless the family. To replace their somewhat claustrophobic and worn-out 12-passenger van, Shaq drove them to a Mercedes shop. The family was able to acquire a 15-passenger vehicle specifically to meet their requirements.

It seems that Shaquille O’Neal still had some goodwill to spare. He went to Ford and purchased them a new truck after realizing that Karissa’s husband’s truck was worn out and difficult to heat and cool.

Karissa wrote this kind thing about Shaq’s visit: “He also took the time to love on our kids, encourage us, and speak life into our family. I have no idea what to say.” I am with you both. He’s a fantastic guy all around!

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