Shaq Surprises Fan With A Random Act Of Kindness And The Man’s Reaction Is Priceless

Shaq recently surprised a fan at a basketball game by giving him a pricey watch. The kindness he was shown astounded the fan, who was speechless!

The Western Conference Finals are where I am, and I’m ready to do something extraordinary. In a video clip that he shared to his Instagram page, Shaq can be heard saying, “I’m about to gift a fan this. He displays his opulent Invicta watch in the video.

The next video showed Shaq shaking a fan’s hand and saying “hello” to him. When he first sees the fan, he is beaming. Shaq then removes his watch and offers the man his watch as payment.

At a basketball game, Shaq surprises a fan by giving him his watch.

The dude is in utter shock! “What? My father adores you, “Off-camera, the man’s daughter is heard speaking.

The man says, “Shaq, you don’t know, but you are my favorite man.” First of all, brother, after having suffered three heart attacks, I’m still here, and I got to meet Shaq and Kenny.

The fan tells Shaq how much it meant to see him after taking a moment to admire the lovely watch he had received before turning to face him once more.

“The watch isn’t to blame. Shaq, it’s you,” he says.

This admirer will never forget that beautiful moment! And he now has Shaq’s watch to remember the unique encounter with!

Watch the video here!



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