Keanu Reeves Proves He’s The Best Man In Hollywood By Secretly Funding Children’s Hospitals

Keanu Reeves has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s good men.
The 54-year-old has established a reputation as a benevolent person by, among other charitable gestures, sharing money with The Matrix special effects team and giving up his seat on the metro.
Some admirers might be surprised to learn that Reeves has been in charge of a private organization for more than five years that funds children’s hospitals and cancer research.
Keanu Reeves’ life did not have an easy beginning. While he was growing up, his mother had a number of other partners, his father wasn’t there, and he had terrible dyslexia.
Once he dropped out of high school to concentrate solely on performing, things could have easily gone wrong, leading him to a completely different place.
We all know they didn’t, and after climbing the Hollywood ladder, Keanu Reeves rose to fame for playing the lead in films like The Matrix and Speed.
Even back then, Lady Luck wasn’t exactly on the Canadian’s side. His then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme became pregnant with his child, and when their daughter was stillborn, it completely upended their worlds. After she passed away, their relationship faltered because of a rift they were unable to patch up.
Tragically, only 18 months after they split up, Jennifer died in a vehicle accident. Losses for Reeves included his child, best friend, and ex-lover. He could have gotten away with falling off the deep end.
Lady Luck didn’t exactly shine down on the Canadian even then, either. When Jennifer Syme, his then-girlfriend, became pregnant with his kid, their worlds were turned upside down when their daughter was stillborn. Their relationship suffered after she died because of a rift that they were unable to mend.
Fortunately, he decided against doing it. A idea that suggested there was more he could do stayed in the back of his mind despite all of his fame and fortune.
In honor of his younger sister, who had been diagnosed with leukemia years before, Keanu Reeves subsequently quietly started a cancer foundation.
He explained to Ladies Home Journal that he has a private foundation that has been supporting cancer research and a few children’s hospitals for five or six years. I don’t want to put my name on things, so I just let the foundation do what it does.
For Keanu, the foundation wasn’t a way to get attention or steal the show. It didn’t matter if people knew about it or not; it was merely a way for him to improve the world.
That is the sign of a true hero, as we all know.
Wow, Keanu Reeves is an adult male. He continuously shows that he is the most sincere and kind person around.




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