Gerard Pique, Who Recently Broke Up With Shakira, Was Captured In A Restaurant With A Mysterious Blonde

Gerard Piqué is already spending time with another girl, despite only having parted ways with his beloved Shakira a little over a month ago.

Katrin Zhitomirskaya, a Swedish TV host, blogger, and businesswoman, posted a picture of the couple on her blog. And she had good reason for doing so.

Catherine claimed that despite Catherine’s repeated requests, Piqué refused to greet her son. She referred to the football player as an arrogant loser and made the decision to exact her vengeance in this manner.

“I think about my son the minute I see you. I wanted you to greet him for me. you refused, Considering who are you? A man with basketball skills? I’m not impressed by it.

I find it tragic that your behavior has become pathetic as a result of your celebrity. You are merely a man carrying a ball. However, you are aware that karma is a nasty bitch and will catch up to you, “She composed.

The release of Catherine caused such a stir that she even had to block outside visitors to her blog.

Piquet was present as the CEO of his company Kosmos at the party where the photo was made, which was a part of the Brilliant Minds event.

The journalists have yet to learn what kind of female the footballer was with.

11 years have passed since Shakira and Gerard Pique started dating. The two sons of the marriage. The couple’s breakup is unknown for what cause.

However, sources claim that Pique was not known for his loyalty and frequently cheated on his girlfriend.

The ex-couple, who are the parents to Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, released a joint statement in which they expressed their regret for having to confirm their separation. The Grammy winner and athlete made their public debut together in 2011.



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