Starbucks Worker Receives Life-changing Gift From Kindhearted Customer Has Moved Millions To Tears

When he was selected by a TikToker as the receiver of a random act of kindness, a Starbucks barista got the surprise of a lifetime.

Perri Saenz pulls up through a Starbucks drive-thru with a companion in the popular TikTok video, which has amassed over 40.6 million views as of right now. However, she asked the person manning the window, “What is your dream in life?” instead of taking their orders.

The “Manny”-named barista claimed he was looking to buy a car for himself. When Perri followed up by asking how much getting one would cost, he said, “$1,000.”

A Starbucks employee named Manny working in the window

What issue do you have trouble with? Manny began to open up after Perri questioned him. He acknowledged that he was having depressive issues.

He confessed, “I’m struggling with depression right now.

Well, we might see you around,” Perri said as she sped out in her car.

The movie then turns to Perri and her friend shopping for a toy car for Manny, a small wooden chest box, and a bouquet of red roses.

When they got back to the car, Perri took out a $1,000 bill and stuffed it into the box of the toy car.

In the video, Perri added, “We’re ready to surprise Manny with $1,000 so he can have a car. “I am eager to see his response.”

She drove to the coffee shop after putting the toy vehicle inside the wooden trunk.

We were so inspired by your story, so when Perri came back to the window, she said to Manny, “We wanted to bring you a little something.”

She presented him with a bunch of roses to start, which the Starbucks employee gratefully accepted.

“I’m very grateful. Manny grinned and continued, “I’ve never received flowers before.

Perri handed him the wooden trunk and said, “We have one more thing.

When Manny opens the chest, he finds the toy vehicle and the money inside.

Manny fell into tears of appreciation at Perri’s unplanned act of kindness, “It’s $1,000 so you can purchase a new automobile,” she said.

Before continuing, Manny thanked her for the kind gift.

He admitted, “I honestly had suicidal thoughts this morning and didn’t feel like waking up.

Starbucks employee Manny holding the surprise gifts he received

And Perri gave a supportive and loving response.

She took his hand in hers and told him, “This is just a sign from God that you’re supposed to be here and that you’re so loved.” “Light will once more beam on your face.”

Numerous TikTok users descended upon the comments section to express their opinions on the video.

“You just saved a life. Kindness is vital guys.”

“From someone who struggled with anxiety & despair. We appreciate your daily battles. I swear there will be brighter days.

You never know what people are going through, therefore kindness is really important.

With the aid of influencer Charlie Rocket, the head of the nonprofit Dream Machine Foundation, Perri was able to pull off this surprise. Before setting up a fundraiser so he could get an even better car, the group donated Manny the first $1,000 to assist him in purchasing a new vehicle.

The campaign raised more than $38,572, exceeding its initial goal of $15,000.

According to the contribution website, “He takes the bus to work every day because he doesn’t have the money to acquire a car.” “We began the donations by giving him $1,000, but we established a goal to raise him $10,000 to acquire a good car.”

To watch the heartwarming moment Manny received his surprise gift, click on the video below.


Wow this made me cry. You never know what someone is going through ?❤️ #fypp #positivity #starbucks

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