UK Government Admits Four Day Week May Work Well For Some Companies

Officials from the government have stated that a four-day work week’ might work’ for some businesses.

More than 3,300 employees from 70 UK companies began working a four-day week on June 6th, with no pay cut, in what has been dubbed the world’s largest ever experiment of the new working pattern.

Officials from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have admitted in a recent letter that a shorter week might work for some.

According to The Independent, a letter has been written to the trial organizers on behalf of Business Minister Paul Scully.

“The government is dedicated to encouraging individuals and businesses to work flexibly,” a BEIS official said.

“While a four-day working week may work well for some workers and employers, the government does not believe there can be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to work arrangements.”

A spokeswoman for the BEIS has been contacted by LADbible for comment.

The trial is run by the non-profit 4 Day Week Global, and participants get a three-day weekend every week, which isn’t half bad.

The notion is that employees will labor for 100% of their income for just 80% of the time, with the goal of achieving 100% productivity.

During the study, researchers will track factors such as productivity, worker well-being, environmental effect, and gender equality.

Yo Telecom, the Royal Society of Biology, Pressure Drop Brewing, and Platten Fish & Chips are among the companies that have joined on.

Joe O’Connor, the 4 Day Week Global pilot program manager, recently told The Independent: “More and more companies are implementing productivity-focused initiatives in order to reduce employee hours without lowering pay.

“The increased momentum and interest in our pilot program, as well as the four-day week in general, excites us.

“The four-day week throws a wrench into the conventional work model, allowing businesses to shift their attention from how long individuals are ‘at work’ to the product they create. The year 2022 will mark the beginning of this daring new work future.”

As the old Monday to Friday working arrangement is demolished, the UK pilot is one of many comparable initiatives that have been trialled around the world in recent years.

Similar trials have been conducted in Spain, Iceland, and New Zealand, with Microsoft Japan seeing a 40% improvement in employee productivity after establishing its own four-day week in 2019.



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