Sandra Bullock Thought She Was “Permanently Broken” After Divorce But Her Son Helped Her Heal

Sandra Bullock has gone from being an FBI agent posing as a beauty pageant participant in Miss Congeniality to being an exceptionally capable mother in Birdbox. Through a variety of performing roles, the Hollywood veteran has made us laugh and cry. The 57-year-old has had her own set of challenges throughout her life. Her divorce from her ex-husband, Jesse James, in 2010 was the result of revelations that he had cheated on her many times. While he was married to the Oscar-winning actress, many women alleged he had affairs with them. According to ET, James apologized publicly to his ex-wife at the time, saying, “There is only one person who can be held responsible for this circumstance, and that is me. I deserve everything terrible that is coming my way due of my poor judgment.”

Louis was the couple’s first child, which they adopted in January 2010. Louis was adopted by Bullock when he was about three months old, according to her announcement in 2010. Bullock told PEOPLE at the time, “He’s just amazing, I can’t really describe him any other way.” “It’s as though he’s always been there for us.” The actress also has a 10-year-old daughter, Laila, whom she adopted later in 2015. Bullock opted to continue on with her life as a single mother with Louis at her side after the affairs. “I made errors and did things that I shouldn’t have,” James continued. “I didn’t manage the matter as well as I should have, and guess what? As a result of my divorce, I lost custody of a child I had adopted.” Bullock and Little Louis assisted each other in getting back on their feet.

“I’ve been lying on the floor, sad. I had no idea how I was going to get up. But I simply gave it some time. When you’re in the middle of it, you don’t think it’ll go away, but it does. I’m extremely fortunate to have what I do. I have a lovely child and cherish my friends and family “According to the Mirror, she stated. The actress had assumed she would be “permanently heartbroken” and had vanished from the spotlight until the release of the film Gravity. Louis aided her in gaining a new view on the world. “I was fine with being alone, but with a child, everything revolves around exploration, being among other children, and being out in the world and seeing things. As a result, I now see the world through his eyes. I’ve never gone out and explored and experienced things like I have in the previous three years. Right now, I’m living my best life because I’m savoring every second of this incredible human being. Through him, I’m learning how to have a wonderful time… Everything I want is mine, and it couldn’t be sweeter, better, or more satisfying “she revealed.



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