New Mom Makes ‘Generous’ Donation During Baby Formula Shortage & Makes Important Difference

In recent years, several forms of shortages have occurred around the world as a result of delayed supply chains. Many families have been affected by a recent scarcity of infant formula. Pictures and blogs of empty grocery store shelves where formula once sat have gone viral on the internet, demonstrating how rare formula is. During this unpredictable and exciting period, women and mothers have stepped out to aid one another. This meant donating her breastmilk to a milk bank for one woman in New York.

The New York Milk Bank is a non-profit organization based in Valhalla, New York that assists families in need of milk for their infants. The milk bank has seen a significant increase in demand since the beginning of the scarcity. The bank used to receive one to two calls each day, but now they get about 20 per day. The milk they receive supports newborns in need at locations like the NICU.

A lady must undergo extensive testing before she may donate. A lady who wishes to give her milk must submit it to extensive testing and screening. Lucie Fink, a woman from New York, was more than willing to donate her breastmilk to help other families. Fink had recently given birth to her first child and discovered she had an excess of milk. An oversupply is defined as having too much milk for your baby’s consumption.

Fink ended up giving 150 ounces of breastmilk to the New York Milk Bank and shared her pleasant experience on social media. Fink not only shared the kind deed on Instagram, but she also made a Youtube video detailing the gesture.

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“I’m donating almost 100 ounces of breastmilk to NICU infants!!!!!!!!,” Fink posted on Instagram. I’ve started the donation procedure with The New York Milk Bank, and this milk will be pasteurized and provided to NICU babies whose mothers’ own milk is unavailable or insufficient very soon.”

Fink went on to say, “I didn’t know what a tremendous oversupply I had until we had to stop buying frozen goods since our entire (quite large) freezer was overflowing with stored milk.” “Even though we’re now dipping into the frozen supply during my workdays,” she said, “I’m still pumping and adding to the stash every single day.”

Linda Harelick, executive director of the New York Milk Bank, believes that donating milk is one of the most selfless acts a mother can perform. “When you see these women who want to donate, they’re incredibly generous,” Harelick added.

“I truly feel like everybody who has any oversupply or just slightly more milk than needed right now, should consider it,” Fink, who gave 150 ounces, said.

Fink’s social media outlets have received appreciation from women and internet users all over the world. “Donating My Breastmilk! (150 ounces to the NICU)” is her YouTube video, which has approximately 30,000 views. Her post about her encounter on Instagram had nearly 11,000 likes.

“This is great. I didn’t know you could do this, so when I had milk to donate, I did it through Facebook groups for local moms,” one user remarked. This will benefit a lot of newborns and their parents!!”



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