98% Burns As A Toddler, But Now He’s Raised Two Kids As A Single Dad – “God Does Miracles”

Most of the time, children grow up carefree, having been shielded from the world’s problems by their parents. No matter how hard their parents try, this is not always possible because children have their own brains. Some people have more willpower than others, thus you may come across a rowdy child now and then. As a result, they have chosen freedom over coddling. At the age of two, one child managed to get away from his parents and ended up with serious burns covering 98 percent of his body. He is currently the father of two healthy adolescent girls!

Chris Tomlinson was scarred all over his body as a child. He snuck into the garden shed when he was just two years old, escaping his parents’ watchful gaze. This would ordinarily be the fulfillment of a young child’s exploratory fantasies, but he managed to spill a can of gasoline on himself. The geyser’s pilot light switched on, and the gasoline exploded into flames, engulfing Chris’s body. He was hurried to the hospital by his mother, but the damage had already been done.

The pain was unbearable because 98 percent of his small body had been scorched. Despite the fact that the doctors who treated him gave him a 1% chance of survival, he lived despite the odds. He was damaged from head to toe as a child, and the difficulties never stopped. He was informed as an adult that having children of his own would be nearly impossible, yet his resolve allowed him to defy the odds once more.

Not only was it difficult to have children, but it was also tough to keep a steady work. He’s been having trouble finding job. Chris and his family are now homeless, so he used social media to express his frustrations and raise awareness about the treatment of individuals with disabilities. His TikTok account, @thechristomlinson, has 49.5 thousand followers who are eagerly anxious to catch a look inside his life.

Chris’s wife abandoned him and their two children after 14 years of marriage. He was now a disabled single father raising two children on his own. When asked how he felt about his wife leaving him, Chris answered, “It’s dreadful.” “I’d rather be burned all over than have to go through that.”


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He never lost faith as he grew older, and his love for God gave him the strength to live a complete life. “I always found the positivity in everything,” Chris stated, according to God Updates. Because I felt God was with me, I had a big wide smile on my face… It wasn’t only my strength that got me through; God was with me the entire time.”

God, according to Chris, performs miracles on a daily basis. “Because a lot of people believe God has stopped operating – that God no longer performs miracles.” Every second of every day, God performs marvels. All you have to do is have a look around.”

Chris Tomlinson | My Story"I've been a burn survivor before I even turned 2 years old and one of the youngest to survive the amounts of burns of 97% of my body! I love life! I love to smile and spread joy!"Chris Tomlinson

Posted by A Million Voices on Saturday, February 12, 2022

Chris shared his thoughts on self-love in a video broadcast on YouTube by Special Books by Special People. Chris responded, “to a certain extent,” when asked if he believes people must “accept themselves” in order to live a complete and happy life. “If you can admit that we are different and we should embrace that,” he continued. I also feel that you should be able to accept yourself since you will only be satisfied with life if you are satisfied with yourself.

Chris’ primary point, after acknowledging that he will “always fight with things,” is that “if you can really discover happiness within yourself, and accept yourself,” he stated. “You can also share your delight with others.”

Chris’s go-fund-me account was put up to assist him and his kids with basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothing. His supporters have been extremely giving, assisting him in raising $63,145.

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