Dying 9-Year-Old Boy Bailey Cooper Hung On Just Long Enough To Meet His Baby Sister

Angels do exist among us, though not always with wings and halos. Bailey Cooper, a nine-year-old British kid, had a mission to complete despite being fatigued from terrible suffering. Because he had to meet his little sister, he held on even tighter than a nine-year-old should.

28-year-old Bailey’s mother, Rachel Cooper, told him she was expecting a girl while she was pregnant. Bailey was unable to let go of her without cuddling her. Bailey offered a name on the way to the hospital when his mother gave birth in November, and it stuck.

Millie, which means ‘gentle strength,’ was her name. Bailey was the perfect older brother a month after she was born. As far as his condition allowed, he lavished love on Mille. During the little time they were together, he loved her sincerely and held her close to his heart.

Bailey, the superhero, first became ill in the year 2016. Non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s is a type of cancer that begins in the lymphatic system and spreads throughout the body. This system consists of a network of capillaries that transfer white blood cells into the bloodstream in order to combat infections.

White blood cells begin to grow inappropriately when cancer develops. They can then spread to important organs, resulting in tumors.

Bailey’s cancer was diagnosed when it was in its third stage. He received treatment for several months before being declared cancer-free in February 2017. His parents were told to bring him in for check-ups every three months.

Bailey’s parents received some extremely bad news while on vacation a few months later.

“We were at Paignton Zoo when we got a call from the hospital saying he had relapsed and needed to be admitted again.” “Bailey showed signs of being out of breath and fatigued,” Rachel explained.

The doctors restarted Bailey’s treatment, certain that she had a good chance of remission. His organs had already been irreversibly damaged by the tumors.

“He got a stem cell transplant,” says the narrator. Bailey’s father, Lee Cooper, 30, said, “We had to try all we could.” Bailey returned to remission in July, but the cancer reappeared in August. Bailey’s internal organs had been subjected to a great deal of strain and damage. It was already too late.

Bailey was well aware that he didn’t have much time left. He was already in excruciating discomfort. At his burial, he ordered that everyone dress up as superheroes. He told his parents, “You’re only allowed to cry for twenty minutes.” The poor youngster didn’t want to leave the earth since he knew they’d be crying for a long time.

His folks were adamant about obtaining him Christmas presents. Almost everything he chose wasn’t something Bailey would ordinarily enjoy. Riley, his six-year-old brother, was literally picking toys for him. Riley shouldn’t have to grow into the things he’d be leaving behind, he didn’t want her to.

Bailey passed away on the eve of Christmas. He spent his final moments surrounded by loved ones. He’d put up a valiant battle, but he couldn’t go on. “We arrived at his bedside at 11:45 a.m. on Christmas Eve. We had a feeling it wouldn’t be long. ‘It’s time to go, Bailey,’ we informed him. ‘Stop.’ “He drew his last breath and only had one tear fall out of his eye the minute we said’stop,’ it was wonderful,” Lee recalled.

Bailey spent his final moments embracing Millie, the reason he’d managed to hang on for so long. Hundreds of people turned out on January 6th to pay their respects to Bailey Cooper. Tom Lockyer, a football legend and friend of Bailey’s, also came to pay his respects. In his all-too-brief existence, he was genuinely an angel to everyone who came into contact with him.

May his lovely soul rest in peace for all eternity.

Source: thetimes.co.uk


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