The Truth About Adam Sandler And Chris Rock’s Friendship

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock have acted in a slew of feel-good films together, from “The Longest Yard” to “Grown Ups” and “The Week Of,” and their onscreen chemistry never disappoints. Is there a significant cause for this dynamic? They genuinely admire one other’s abilities.

Rock, for one, has praised Sandler’s abilities as a writer, comic, and actor on numerous times. “He was a f***ing brilliant stand up comedian, he was a killer,” the “Everybody Hates Chris” alum raved to Howard Stern about Sandler’s stand-up career before becoming a movie star. Sandler’s more serious roles have also earned Rock’s admiration. “He’s so fantastic, I forgot I recognized him,” Rock quipped in an ExtraTV interview on Sandler’s role in “Uncut Gems.” “I mimic everything he does!” Rock remarked, implying that Sandler’s part in the film led him to take on a more serious role in “Fargo.”

Over the years, Sandler has also been appreciative of Rock. In a 2020 interview with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show,” the “Click” actor reflected on seeing Rock live in Vegas a decade before. “I was sitting between [Jack] Nicholson and Jim Brooks, watching Rock, and every time I turned to look left or right, Nicholson and Brooks were both doubled over… Imagine being told that you’re the funniest guy in the earth by Jack Nicholson and Jim Brooks.” Putting professional adulation aside, how do these two comedic titans interact in real life?

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler in a candid shot

Given how complimentary Adam Sandler and Chris Rock have been over the years, it may come as a surprise that they weren’t always the biggest fans of one another. Both comedians, on the other hand, have been frank about their first (though brief) feud.

In an episode of Esquire’s “Explain This,” Rock revealed that he was shocked when it appeared that Sandler was moving too quickly up the comedy club ladder. Rock was surprised to see Sandler perform on a Saturday night immediately away, pointing out that comedians usually start out “stacking chairs and scrubbing tables” before even getting a weeknight slot. “I’m thinking, ‘Who the f*** is this guy on Saturday night?'” she says. Meanwhile, Sandler harbored his own resentment toward Rock. In an episode of “The Tonight Show,” Sandler said that things got heated when he found out that Eddie Murphy was a fan of Rock’s. “Eddie Murphy has a crush on someone… but not on me. I was enraged!”

When they eventually met, though, any anxiety swiftly disappeared. Rock joked to Esquire about their first meeting, saying, “I’m supposed to despise him, but I’m watching his act… and he’s hilarious. I’m in love with him because he’s so witty.” Sandler recalled a similar incident on the show “”He arrived to the club and we met,” she recalls from “The Tonight Show.” ‘Oh wow, this guy is funny,’ I thought.” Since then, they’ve been inseparable.

If Adam Sandler and Chris Rock’s professional compliments are nice, their personal feelings for each other are adorably charming. In reality, these two had a classic Hollywood bromance.

The comedians met at Comic Strip Live and went on to work together at “Saturday Night Live,” which solidified their bond. They shared an office at the show, according to Rock, with fellow “Grown Ups” star David Spade and the late Chris Farley. Rock chuckled, “We called it a dorm.”

They’ve remained close even after he and Sandler were sacked from SNL. Sandler danced with one of his aunts at his wedding, according to Rock. Meanwhile, Sandler has gushed over their bond on Twitter “”I simply have always adored Rock, always loved being with him,” she said “Good Morning America.” It’s wonderful to have someone to whom you can confide in.” Sandler, on the other hand, joked to ExtraTV that he knows his discussions with Rock will frequently become public. “I have phone calls with Rock that I consider terrific, private phone calls on his part, and then I’ll watch his performance and say, ‘You actually told the world,'” Sandler said. We can’t get enough of this on-screen couple, and the fact that Chris Rock and Adam Sandler are just as close in real life just adds to their appeal.



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