Petition to Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 Reached 4.5 Million Signature Target, Now Aims for 6 Million

The defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has come to a close, with the jury siding with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star.

Fans are celebrating Depp’s victory in the trial two days after the decision was announced. Amber Heard should be removed from Aquaman 2 according to a petition. The petition has already surpassed its goal of 4.5 million signatures, thanks to the official decision.

Amber has already wrapped filming on the DC sequel in which she plays Mera, Aquaman’s love interest, and it is set to be published in 2023.

The petition has already surpassed its primary goal, according to Johnny Depp fans, but that isn’t enough. As a result, they set a new goal of 6 million signatures on this petition in order to make it one of the most popular online petitions on

After the verdict was announced, Jeanne Larson, the petition’s originator, posted a victory update:

“So, while the headlines may be substantially slanted in Heard’s favor, congratulating her on her $2 million triumph, the truth is that Johnny is today’s winner, with a $15 million judgment.”

“It’s past time for Johnny to be able to prove that he was the victim in their relationship and reclaim his reputation.”

“Perhaps now he can get on with his life and get back to normal.” Or as near as he can get to it. Let us all wish him well and hope to see him in more films in the future.”

When Johnny Depp was fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise in 2020, the petition was started and gained 1.5 million signatures. Then, during Depp and Heard’s legal case, it was resurrected.

For falsely accusing him of being an abuser, the actor sued his ex-wife for $50 million.

Amber Heard responded by suing him for a hundred million dollars, accusing him of launching a “smear campaign” against her and calling her claims “a plain falsehood.”

Image Credit: Law&Crime Network

The jury returned its judgement on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, stating that Amber Heard had defamed her Johnny Depp by falsely accusing him.

Dolph Lundgren, Amber Heard’s co-star, has stepped out in her defense, claiming that she is a brilliant performer and a humble person. Lundgren stated in his interview,

“I worked with Amber Heard in both the first and second Aquaman films. We shot in London last October. She’s fantastic, and I had a fantastic time with her. She’s really polite to the workers, to everyone, and she’s simply down to earth.”

Because of the ongoing legal actions, Amber claims that her involvement in Aquaman 2 has been drastically diminished. Depp’s lawyers, she claimed, painted her as a horrible woman who was full of drama and lies.

“I put up a lot of effort to stay in the film.” “They didn’t want me to be in the movie,” she stated in court.

Previously, Warner Bros. executive Walter Hamada stated in one of the court proceedings that Amber and her co-star, who plays Aquaman, had no “genuine chemistry.” To create their chemistry, the squad had to put in a lot of effort. “You know it when you see it,” Hamada remarked, “and the chemistry wasn’t there.”

Amber Heard’s career appears to be in serious jeopardy now that the trial is over, and the verdict was not in her favor. The actress expressed her disappointment with the jury’s verdict, calling it a big loss not only for herself but also for all abuse survivors.



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