Pilot Forced To Turn Plane Around Because Mom Forgets Her Baby At The Airport

Waiting at the airport for long periods of time can be exhausting. With so many people hurrying to catch their flights, long lines, and the stress of flying, one must double-check all of their possessions before boarding. It turns out that forgetting your passport, luggage, or ticket is rather typical among passengers, but what about a child? This is clearly something we believe only occurs in movies. Do you remember “Home Alone” and the McAllisters?

That’s exactly what one obviously forgetful mother did. She boarded the plane and realized her baby was still in the terminal as it took off.

She was flying from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia and had to persuade the captain to turn the jet around because the flight was about eight hours long. This mother was distraught and worried about her child’s safety, despite the fact that it was her fault for allowing something like that to happen.

Flying the jet around looked impossible, but it was a kid left alone at a major airport that the pilot was concerned about, so he requested permission to return.

He phones the traffic controllers and says, “May God be with us,” according to a YouTube video. Is it okay if we come back?” “This flight is seeking to return…” he explains the rationale for his demands. The poor thing, a passenger forgot her kid in the waiting area.”

The operators couldn’t believe what they were hearing and came around after a minute or two to declare, “This is completely a new one for us,” before giving the pilot permission to land.

Thankfully, the mother was able to hold her child soon after. No one knew what had happened to cause her to abandon the unfortunate child in the first place. People believe that the crowds at the airport made things too stressful for her, and that her brain simply shut off.

We sincerely hope she never allows something like this to happen again. Although we recognize that all women are overworked and overtired as a result of their many responsibilities, forgetting a child at the airport is something we can’t comprehend.

Source: newsweek.com


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