Man Proposes to His Girlfriend Through Her Favorite Disney Movie

Throughout the decades, Disney films have always been about fascinating and enchanting stories. They’ve captured audiences of all ages with remarkable characters and tales.

We all have that one Disney film that has a particular place in our hearts and will continue to do so no matter how old we become — Disney’s nostalgia is strong.

Today’s story is about a highly talented and inventive boyfriend who proposed to his girlfriend by using her favorite Disney film — the classic Sleeping Beauty!

Image via Lee Loechler on YouTube

Lee Loechler is the story’s creative and loving boyfriend. In a cinema theater showing Sleeping Beauty, he proposed to his girlfriend Sthuthi David. The entire movie theater was packed with their own friends and family, unbeknownst to Sthuthi, who had front row seats with her lover. The scenario “shifted” during a pivotal sequence in the film, and Lee proposed to his girlfriend!

Image via Lee Loechler on YouTube

On Reddit, the man himself, yourstruelee, explained his story:

“I’ve been animating my girlfriend and myself into her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty, for the past six months.” I proposed in a ‘packed’ movie theater with the help of some local Redditors…”

Sthuthi was pleasantly delighted by the outcome. She was initially perplexed since a few moments from the film appeared to be altered. After then, a ring appeared. She was simply awestruck until she turned around and saw that the entire auditorium was made up of her own friends and family! She, of course, said yes!

Because it’s so unique, this proposal is one of our favorites. Lee truly went above and beyond in asking his love to marry him; that’s how it should be!

In the year 2021, the couple married. Lee released a video of the two riding away in a carriage – happily married! – on his YouTube channel as an update.



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