Man Pays Off ‘Struggling’ Ex’s Full Mortgage As Thank You For Being The ‘Best’ Mom

A parent would go to any length to assist their child. This also applies to parents who are no longer married. As a thank you for being such a fantastic mother, one father, who divorced his son’s mother in April 2021, sent her an outstanding birthday gift. Shaun Nyland, an English TikTok star, filmed the moment he told his former, Cat Keenan, that her mortgage was completely paid off.

Nyland and Keenan have a three-year-old kid named Leo and have been together for seven years. They decided to split up after deciding that they would be happier apart, and there has been no hatred between them since. This is evidenced by the incredible gift Nyland gave Keenan on her 31st birthday, Oct. 13, 2021.

Keenan can be seen seated as Nyland hands her the house keys in the footage. She was first perplexed, and even when Nyland explained that he had called the bank and paid off her mortgage, Keenan was skeptical. He told her to check her email for confirmation, and when she did, she ran over to Nyland and gave him a big hug.

Nyland explained that he was able to do so because of his growing fame on TikTok, which he now works full-time. The father replied that he saw no reason why he couldn’t offer a home for his son and Keenan now that he had the money.

Nyland also revealed that the couple used to post on TikTok as a team when they were together, and he noticed Keenan was submitting fewer videos following the separation. He was well aware that this meant she was earning less money, and Nyland didn’t want his ex-girlfriend to be concerned about providing a home for their son. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing father.

“Well, it’s your birthday today,” Nyland said in the video, “and I want you to have the finest birthday ever.” He went on to say:

“I know we’re no longer together, and you’ve been trying to pay off the mortgage every month, but I’m so proud of you; you’re the best mother I’ve ever known.” So I took action: I called the bank, paid off the entire mortgage, and this house is now yours.”

Nyland informed Keenan, “This is not a trick, this is all yours.” Keenan felt Nyland was “winding her up” after hearing this, but he told her, “This is not a prank, this is all yours.” The mother was overjoyed by the news and became teary-eyed as the reality set in.

Nyland explained the reasons for the couple’s breakup to Wales Online. He stated, ” “We were working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and getting on each other’s nerves. As a result, we decided to part ways.”

Even though they were no longer dating, the father wanted to provide for his son and Keenan. “I wanted to relieve her of that burden,” he explained. “Why not, if I am capable of doing it? I wanted to keep a roof over her and Leo’s heads and relieve Cat of the burden.”

The video has nearly four million views on TikTok, and Nyland was questioned why it is so popular. “I believe it’s because it’s heartwarming,” he replied. “And it’s admirable that you’re kind. It’s never happened before. It is, in my opinion, how co-parenting should be. I understand that not everyone can achieve what I’ve done, but children should always come first.”

When the pair decided to create humorous, comedic videos on TikTok in October of 2019, they became popular. Having previously worked as a dog walker and a sales manager, the couple eventually generated enough money from the social media site to be able to quit their occupations and focus solely on creating content. Working with a significant other, on the other hand, isn’t always easy; towards the start of 2021, the two parted due to pressure. Cat Keenan explained to Wales Online how generating a living off social media got more difficult once she divorced Nyland:

“There was more work coming in when we were together. It was difficult to travel alone.”

Keenan followed up with a video in which Nyland expressed his gratitude for being the mother of his child:

“You gave me the greatest gift of all time when you gave birth to Leo. I know you’ve been struggling, you’ve told me you’ve been struggling, and you’ve been working extremely hard, so it only makes sense to provide a home for you and Leo.”

Despite the fact that these two choose to part ways, there is no evidence of enmity between them. Even at such a young age, the pair appears to have mastered the fundamentals of co-parenting and have chosen the mature path in their relationship. Despite the fact that one of Keenan’s children was from a prior relationship and not with Nyland, Nyland resolved to assist his ex and ensure that both his child and his child’s mother were cared for.



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