Charlize Theron Reveals Why She Never Got Married

Charlize Theron is regarded for being a strong female role model who has taken on some risky roles during her career. She’s had to go through some tough core training for several of her cinematic roles, from starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road” to playing a serial murderer in “Monster” (via Insider). The Golden Globe winner is not afraid of harsh situations, which may originate from her tragic upbringing.

According to The New York Times, Theron’s mother shot and killed her alcoholic and violent father in self-defense when she was 15 years old. Theron has worked hard to come to terms with her previous trauma “I made it through, and I’m proud of it. I’ve also put in a lot of effort. And I’m not afraid of it.” What happened to her influenced who she is now “The darkness does not bother me. I’m interested by it because I believe it better explains human nature and people.”

Theron does not envision marriage in her future despite having lived a long and successful life, but this has more to do with her present than her past.

Charlize Theron has had her fair share of love affairs. She’s dated Ryan Reynolds, Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins, and is currently dating actor Gabriel Aubry (via Us Weekly). From 2002 to 2010, she was married to actor and director Stuart Townsend (via InStyle).

Theron’s most recent relationship was with actor Sean Penn. There were rumors that she and Penn were dating, which Theron denies (via People). According to her, marriage was never an option.

Theron isn’t searching for a romance right now, but she does know what she wants in a mate. “I feel like I’m in a stage in my life where you have to come with a lot of game,” Theron explained on the Drew Barrymore Show. “The kind of game where you have to bring that and maybe better because I won’t take anything less.”

Despite this, Theron insists on remaining single “I had no desire to get married. That’s never been anything I’ve cared about ” (via People).

Charlize Theron claims that her children are sufficient.

Charlize Theron and children

Charlize Theron isn’t looking to marry, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have love in her life. Her children, Jackson and August, have brought her enormous joy and fulfillment (via SheKnows).

The radio host prodded Theron about settling down on The Howard Stern Show. “However, you desire a wonderful love of your life,” he explained. Theron answered, “Right now, I have two fantastic tiny great loves of my life. Love is abundant in life.”

“My life right now doesn’t allow for something like that to happen,” she continued.

Theron stated that her life is currently very full and great, just as it is. The actress was open and honest about her inability to “ever be able to live with someone else again.” She then laughed, “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to f****** deal with that again. That nonsense is not for me.”



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