Dying Dad Knows He Won’t See His Daughter Grow Up—So He Records This Heart-Throbbing Message

Nick Magnotti, the young guy in this film, was 24 years old when he was diagnosed with Mucinous Adenocarcinoma, a rare kind of cancer. It started in his appendix and spread throughout his abdomen over time. Nick smiled through all of the treatments, surgeries, intensive chemotherapy, and hours and hours of horrible pain. He was only 27 years old when he succumbed to cancer, but before he died, he left this video for his beloved 7-month-old daughter, in which he expressed his love for her. He died three months after making the video, but he left behind something that will be remembered for a long time.

“The friendship that I’ve built.” The extent to which I’ve learned about God. I simply wish that everyone could feel as I do. Magnotti adds in his video, “I simply feel very grateful.”

“I simply feel fortunate that even in this suffering, I’m getting the chance to change lives, in the Lord’s name, I’m getting the chance to serve people.”

Magnotti speaks to his faith in God and expresses thankfulness for all God has provided him throughout the film.

“I’m not afraid of dying.” As a Christian, you can argue that death does not worry you since you know you’re headed to a better place. “However, it’s human nature to be afraid,” Magnotti explained. “I understand why I am not afraid. It’s because God has blessed me with this calm and blessing.”

“Just talking to God about how I know that even if I’m not here, that he’s her Father, that he’s going to take care of her, he’s going to protect her, he’s going to watch out for her, he’s going to provide for her.”– Nick Magnotti

Nick unfortunately died. “Nick went quietly Tuesday morning, in my arms, after a 2.5 year struggle with Appendix Cancer at the age of 27,” Alyssa writes on her blog (January 9, 2014). Without him, the last 48 hours have been a fog – an insane roller coaster of extraordinary highs and dreadful, terrible lows. I’m overjoyed that he’s with Jesus and cancer-free, but I’m grieving for me.”

“Though this is the worst thing that could have happened to me and my newborn child, God is always with us.” He’s here, and even though I don’t understand his methods, I’ve decided to believe him. I hope you can as well.”

Source: faithit.com


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