A Stranger On An Airplane Gave Her $100 Years Ago And Changed Her Life. Now She’s Trying To Find The Mystery Woman To Thank Her

For many people, a single act of kindness can be life-changing. Life can be difficult for many of us, especially those who were not born with the financial resources to help us get ahead. Today’s story is about a woman who had fallen on hard times. She was a former Yugoslavian refugee who arrived in America with her older sister in 1999. They received a blessing from a stranger, and they finally began looking for this individual in order to express their thanks.

Ayda Zugay and her older sister, Vanja, kept this luggage packed at all times in case they needed to go quickly, as they had become accustomed to as refugees. Their Boston flat was unadorned and devoid of personal belongings. The envelope that changed their lives is the only thing she has saved for a long time.

When Ayda Zugay and her older sister fled Yugoslavia, she was 12 years old. They simply had their clothes and a tiny bag with some essentials on their backs. It was 1999, and they were on their way to the United States. A woman approached them before they began their drop, and they sat together with the entire light. They didn’t recognize her, and she refused to reveal her identity. She just handed them an envelope and demanded that they keep it sealed until they arrived. Ayda’s older sister then opened the letter, which simply had Tracy’s first name written on the front. They were stunned to discover a lovely pair of earrings and a $100 cash.

When they first came, the $100 cash enabled them get by for a whole summer. They had enough money to buy food, which changed their lives. Ayda and her sister were dead set on tracking down this woman named Tracy, whose last name they didn’t recognize and where she resided. Their hunt is still ongoing over two decades later.

Ayda recently released videos on Twitter explaining why she wants to track down Tracy. She said in the video at one point:

“I’d like to track down Tracy to express my gratitude for her generosity, kindness, empathy, and embracing of my sister, and I was hoping you might assist me in doing so.” Have you ever heard a story like this from a family member, a friend, or anybody else?”

For Ayda, who has told this story many times before, it is a well-worn tale. She recalls Vanja speaking with the woman from the plane, despite the fact that she did not speak English at the time. She described what she remembered and how she imagined herself currently in the video. She said:

“By this time, Tracy would be a middle-aged or older lady who excels at tennis and has already traveled for it. She would have gone from Paris to Amsterdam, where we met on that aircraft, staying at a Holiday Inn and playing tennis. Her flight from Amsterdam to Minnesota would have taken place on May 31, 1999.”

One of the many things we can praise the internet for is how easy it makes spreading information. Tracy’s friends were familiar with the story because Tracy had recounted it to them. They got in touch with her regarding the video. Tracy Peck is her full name, and she is currently 70 years old.

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