The Troubling Detail You Didn’t Know About Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Divorce

Although Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorced nearly six years ago, their relationship remains in the forefront due to the legal struggle they are currently involved in.

In an op-ed post for the Washington Post in 2018, Heard implied that she had been a victim of domestic abuse. Despite the fact that Depp’s identity was not stated, many people assumed he was the culprit, to the point where certain publications, including The Sun, called him a “wife beater.” According to the BBC, the actor launched a libel suit against the newspaper because of its unsubstantiated assertions, but he lost because the judge judged the piece to be “basically factual.”

Depp also filed a defamation suit against Heard, claiming that her op-ed essay resulted in a significant loss of job possibilities for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. As the trial progresses, new information from the witness stand has revealed that the relationship was doomed from the start. Depp’s family was not fond of Heard, as it turned out.
Amber Heard was despised by Johnny Depp’s family.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard posing
Not only Johnny Depp seemed to dislike Amber Heard, but the rest of his family, including his mother, two sisters, and two children, seemed to dislike her as well.
Depp’s family “hated” the “Aquaman” actor to the point where they had no difficulty voicing their collective disgust for her amongst themselves, numerous sources told TMZ shortly after they split in 2016. According to the site, the family would discuss how Heard would treat Depp “like crap.” Meanwhile, Depp’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, referred to Heard as a “bad person” and told her friends that she believed she was only staying with her son for selfish reasons, such as taking advantage of his money and fame as an A-list actor.
According to The Guardian, Heard filed for divorce from Depp just days after Palmer died in May 2016.
The marriage was opposed by Johnny Depp’s children.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard posing
While some claim that Johnny Depp’s children despise Amber Heard, the “Pineapple Express” star has previously stated that she and Lily-Rose and Jack Depp have a strong bond. In a 2015 interview with Marie Claire, she even stated that being their stepmother was a luxury. “It’s an honor and the greatest, most surprising present I’ve ever gotten in my life… I’m really delighted,” she said of being their second mother.
Depp, on the other hand, told the court in 2022 that the kids, particularly his daughter, were not remotely close to Heard. In 2015, Lily-Rose skipped Depp’s wedding to Heard and the associated festivities. “Lily-Rose, my daughter, did not attend the wedding. For a variety of reasons, she and Ms. Heard were not on the best of terms “According to People, he testified.
Heard’s acquaintances, on the other hand, denied that Depp’s relatives despised her guts. While Depp and Betty Sue Palmer were not close for the majority of their marriage, sources close to the star told TMZ in 2016 that Heard visited her at her bedside in her final months. They also said that while “snuggling,” Heard and Jack had photos, implying that Jack didn’t despise his ex stepmom. In 2016, a source told People, “Amber was the one who recommended they be married in Betty Sue’s residence.” “She had a wonderful bond with Jack.”

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