11-yr-old Abandoned Both By His Biological Parents And His Adoptive Family Meets Single Dad Who Wants To Adopt Him

Adopting a child and providing them with the life they have always deserved is the ultimate act of kindness, particularly for children who have been abandoned by their uncaring biological parents.

Unfortunately, adoptive parents often abandon the children they once accepted into their lives, and this is exactly what happened to Anthony.

Anthony’s adoptive parents took him to the hospital one day and left him there instead of loving him and being there for him in sickness and in health.
Worst of all, ‘dumping’ their son was a legal action.

Those who learned about this boy’s tragic fate couldn’t believe people like his parents were present. They looked after him for seven years before abandoning him when he needed them most.

“He had no idea when or if they’d ever come back for him because he wasn’t a part of the plan to abandon their child.” Most people couldn’t believe a parent could do such a thing to their child, but it wasn’t their first time. They did the same same thing to their other adoptive son a few years prior, unfortunately.”

But then, unexpectedly, a man named Peter Mutabazi crossed Anthony’s path and altered his life.

Peter had a difficult upbringing. He used to live in a remote village bordering Rwanda and Uganda with an abusive father. Because of the ordeals he had to go through as a child, he vowed to aid children who were going through difficult times.

Peter established a thriving real estate firm in Oklahoma after arriving in the United States, and he was finally able to realize his desire of aiding children in need of love and a home.

Peter’s path into fostering began with two brothers whom he instantly liked. Taking care of them, however, did not last long, as the Family Court concluded that they should be reunited with their biological parents.

Peter was ecstatic for them, but he was also heartbroken at the prospect of being apart from them. So when he was approached about a youngster he was meant to look after “only for the weekend,” he was unsure whether or not to accept.

He eventually agreed, but he opted not to inquire about the boy’s past. Anthony joined Peter’s life at that point.

Peter had this to say about Anthony:

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself raising the child of two parents who had lived lives that passed the stringent background checks required of foster parents, only to abandon not one, but two of their children.”

When Anthony first saw Peter, he addressed him as ‘Dad.’ Peter, on the other hand, told him not to call him that since he didn’t want to become too close to someone who would only be staying in his home for 48 hours.

“I told him he could address me as ‘Mr. Peter,’ and 20 minutes later, he asked if he could address me as ‘Dad.’ What? I had no idea what his last name was, but he insisted on calling me ‘Dad.’ This was unusual, because most foster children want to remind you that you are not their father and never will be. “That argument was not even presented by this child I had just met.”

When Monday rolled around, Peter couldn’t help but inquire about Anthony’s life with the social worker. The response he received shattered his heart into a million pieces. He could never understand how this sweet youngster had been abandoned twice, once by his biological parents and again by his harsh adoptive parents.

Peter had no idea it was permissible for adoptive parents to just abandon their children.

Anthony’s case was simply branded as a “failed adoption,” according to the social worker. Peter realized then that he couldn’t be the next person to fail this youngster who had been through so much.

“They signed a contract giving up their parental rights and never looked back.” I couldn’t believe it! What I was hearing was unbelievable. I started crying in frustration over what these adults had done to this 11-year-old youngster.”

“I refused to let him be tossed aside once more.” He was already addressing me as ‘Dad.’ I requested a placement letter from the social worker so that I could enroll him in school the next day. She asked me a hundred times whether I was serious, and we both burst out laughing.”

Anthony quickly became Peter’s legal son after only a few months. They were ecstatic to have discovered each other. And, while it appeared at first that this incredible man had saved the frail youngster, the truth was that they had saved each other.

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