Florida Teen Accepted Into 27 Universities With $4 Million In Scholarships

After being admitted to 27 colleges and universities, including Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, and receiving nearly $4 million in scholarship money, a Florida youngster claims he is overjoyed.

Jonathan Walker told ABC News’ Linsey Davis, “It was just a ton of joy to see that they were interested in me and wanted me to attend their institution, that they were offering me admittance… it was just a ton of excitement.”

Walker, a Panama City, Florida high school student, said he found something he loved at every school and only applied to those where he could be “happy.”

“I could envision myself at every school on my list,” Walker said. “I didn’t apply to any school where I didn’t think I’d be happy, so I just built a list and started applying.”
He says he’s attempting to select which school he’ll attend this fall now that he’s received 27 acceptances.
“I was able to narrow it down a little… “Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a fairly confident judgment in the next couple of weeks,” he remarked.
Walker says he is considering a major, despite the fact that he has a significant decision ahead of him.
PHOTO: Jonathan Walker has been accepted to 27 universities with offered $4 million in scholarships.
“I’m mostly interested in engineering and entrepreneurship, with the goal of eventually pursuing a nonprofit path and developing technologies to assist others.” But, because I have so many diverse interests, I’m also considering developing my own major,” Walker added.
According to Walker, a chemistry set given to him by his parents ignited his interest in engineering.
“A few years ago, my parents gave me a chemistry set… I discovered a way to channel my curiosity into science, which quickly evolved into engineering. Then I realized I could utilize engineering to benefit people, and I went from there “Walker remarked. “As a result, I’ve developed a strong interest in developing technologies that can assist impoverished communities and those dealing with challenging issues.”
Walker told ABC News that he is working on a wrist device with a partner that will let blind and deaf people communicate more effectively. He claims to have previously developed a device that helps people remember to take their prescription medications.
Walker was also named homecoming king and participates in science club, the International Baccalaureate program, and the varsity football team, according to him.
“I’ve been gifted by God with a lot of skill, and so I just want to take the time and use it to the best extent possible to touch and inspire others,” he added. “As a result, I’m just grateful for the situation I’ve been placed in.”
Source: wfla.com

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