Superman Actor Henry Cavill Reveals His Pet Dog ‘Saved’ Him From Mental Health Struggles

Actor Henry Cavill has a reputation as one of the finest of the best in the film industry, from portraying Charles Brandon in Showtime’s The Tudors to saving the world as Superman, and the fact that he is a major dog lover makes us adore him even more.

Kal, his 8-year-old American Akita, is well-known to anyone who admires this British-born actor’s work and follows him on social media. Cavill never misses an opportunity to show off his pet and pal, Kal, whom he describes as “half dog, part bear, part pig, and all soul,” and a “absolute treasure.”

Cavill wrote, “I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old, and we’ve been through thick and thin together.” “I’m not sure who imitates who anymore because we spend so much time together!”

Cavill brought his puppy to the studio for a recent appearance on the British morning chat show Lorraine, and talked about how much he loves him. He revealed that Kal is his best friend with whom he does everything.

The Justice League star revealed a personal revelation about Kal to the Daily Mail. “On numerous occasions, he has rescued my mental and psychological bacon. “We have an extremely tight relationship,” the actor stated. “When he detects that I’m wearing my own clothes, he’ll be close – he’s always close, but he’ll be closer.”

Cavill makes it a point to take Kal with him wherever he goes. When he films The Witcher, the Netflix fantasy series in which he presently stars, the dog is almost always present.

Cavill told People, “He was there the entire time, he spent most of his time in the trailer rather than on set.” “Because he starts making a lot of noise when he can see me but can’t get to me.” We didn’t want him to come in halfway through a scenario, especially a sword fight, since he’d be putting people down. He was, nevertheless, always present.”

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Cavill commented, “He’s been an absolute savior for me.” “He is a true companion and comes in handy when I just need someone to hang out with but don’t want to put in a lot of work.

“He’s incredible.” To me, he’s a dog and a companion at the same time. He’s a person, too.”



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