Man Loses Almost 200 Pounds So That He Can Become A Police Officer, Wows Everyone With His Journey

For saving Vika, the dog deserved all of the praise. Locals even wanted to make sure he had a place to live, but he went missing.

Self-determination has to be one of the most valuable qualities one can have. Sticking to a plan is often more difficult than it appears, especially when it comes to eating self-control.

When we have a clear aim in sight, though, the sky is the limit. Take, for example, Romar Lyle. To say the least, this young man’s story is tremendously inspiring.

Lyle had an ambition of becoming a cop since he was a small child. When he told his family and friends about his dream, they weren’t thrilled, not because they didn’t believe in his abilities, but because they thought someone as huge as him wouldn’t be right for the position. They didn’t say anything, but it was clear what was on their minds.

Lyle, who weighed 400 pounds, decided to pursue a career in forensic investigation. He was a good student, but he was well aware that his weight was preventing him from attaining his ambition of joining the police force. He convinced himself that while in college, he would lose weight, but the stress of studying just made matters worse, and he gained weight instead.

Lyle graduated with good qualifications for becoming a cop, but no police force would hire him due to his size.

At this point, he made the decision that enough was enough. This ambitious young man adopted a healthy lifestyle and joined a local CrossFit program, despite the fact that it wasn’t easy at first.

Lyle was getting closer and closer to the body he desired as the months passed. He shed a whopping 130 pounds in a year. His look had radically changed, and several of his family and friends who hadn’t seen him in a long time were unable to recognize him.

Lyle’s weight gradually decreased to the point that he could begin his training as a police officer with the Richmond Police Department.

He shed 176 pounds in total, and he knew that if he could lose that much weight, he could accomplish anything.

Lyle finally got his ideal job in 2017. When he put on the outfit, everything seemed to fall into place. “It was one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever had to complete.” “However, it has given me so many vital life skills and lessons that I will keep with me for the rest of my life,” he told CNN.



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