Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Being Single & Her ‘Very Long List’ Of Unwanted Traits In Partner

Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the limelight, given to her previous long-term engagement with Brad Pitt and their lovely family. Despite the fact that the couple broke up in 2016 and legally divorced in 2019, the actress has not given up hope of finding love. In fact, she’s enjoyed all the one-on-one moments of support she’s had with her children and has been able to joke about her relatively new single lifestyle.

Jolie is best recognized for her work as an actor, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She is 45 years old. Over the course of her career, she has garnered numerous honors. She is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, as well as one of the most attractive and powerful figures in the industry. Her relationships have been a hot issue in the media throughout the years, but it’s her sheer and raw skill that has kept her in the profession for so long.

Just a day after Mother’s Day in May 2021, Jolie reflected on her duty as a mother and expressed her gratitude for her children. She and Pitt have six children together, three of whom have been adopted overseas. Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Vivienne, Shiloh, and Knox are her children. Because they have spent so much time together in the spotlight, the family has come to rely on one another.

Jolie has had a couple of years to appreciate being single, but it’s the time she’s been able to spend with her family that she values the most. Every moment she gets, she continues to brag about her love and affection for her children.

In July 2020, a source close to Jolie and Pitt told People Magazine how the two have been able to co-parent peacefully for the previous few years. “It’s taken them a long time to get to this point, with a lot of family counseling,” the insider said. “The younger kids alternate between their places, and Brad enjoys spending as much time as possible with them.” He appears to be lot happier.”

Jolie discussed how fortunate she is to be a mother and to have the support of her many children during an interview with E! News’ Daily Pop. “I’m really lucky to have six very capable children,” the actress stated. She enthused about how the tables had turned, and instead of Jolie looking in on her children, they now appear to be checking in on her.

“Of course, you wake up thinking, ‘I’ve got to make sure they’re all right.’ “I’ve got to make sure they’re mentally OK,” Jolie quipped, “but honestly, I think it turned a few years ago and they’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to make sure mom’s OK.”

The family has grown into a tight-knit community that is full of love and support for one another. “We’re such a team,” Jolie added, “so I’m very, very blessed.” “I’m the one who usually worries, but I’m not concerned about them.” They’re really kind people.”

Jolie is no stranger to the film industry, and she recently scored a role as a loving mother figure in the HBO Max drama “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” which will premiere in 2021. “It’s funny since I haven’t done action in about ten years,” Jolie said.



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