Baby Born With No Heartbeat For 61 Minutes Receives Miracle Just As Doctor Gives Up

Doctors are hailing a child as a living miracle after it went for 61 minutes without a heartbeat.

James Fulton Engstrom is a lucky little child who reminds us that God is still healing people and performing miracles around the world.

This 11-year-old child from Washington, Illinois, was born without a heartbeat and is now a typical 11-year-old boy. Many people find real-life miracles difficult to believe in, but James’ family, physicians, church, and even Pope Francis all agree that he was miraculously healed as a newborn!

Bonnie Engstrom’s pregnancy went smoothly, but near the end, a knot in the umbilical cord formed and tightened during the last phases of the home delivery. James awoke blue, motionless, and without a heartbeat. Bonnie recounted, “I remember sitting on my bedroom floor and watching them do CPR.”

While an ambulance drove dead James to a hospital some 20 minutes away, Bonnie gathered intercessory prayers and pleaded for his healing. James had been without a heartbeat for an hour when physicians arrived, and his odds of survival were slim to none. Even if he lived, Dr. Juanita Corrales realized there would be long-term consequences.

“I want to consider the quality of life,” she says, “even though I want babies to survive.” James had been without a heartbeat for 61 minutes when she was ready to announce his death after roughly 10 minutes of medical therapy, but his parents were still hoping for a miracle.

And then James’ heartbeat returned, and he was back to his old self.

“I was on the verge of calling it,” recalls Dr. Corrales. “However, he had a heartbeat just as we were about to declare him dead.” The baby’s body should have suffered catastrophic harm after 61 minutes without a heartbeat, but that wasn’t the case with James.

Dr. Corrales says, “We would have predicted a vegetative condition.” “This is not the case.” Fulton Engstrom is now a typical lively little kid, thanks to supernatural intervention, according to Dr. Corrales. “I don’t throw around the word ‘miracle’ casually,” she says. “However, you are unable to explain this circumstance.” It’s nothing short of a miracle.”

After a thorough study by the Diocese of Peoria, Pope Francis acknowledged the miracle. Bonnie Engstrom believes that God has demonstrated His existence in the world even today. “I don’t believe it was given to us, for us,” she explained. “I believe it was donated to the church for the church,” says the narrator.



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