9-Year-Old Learns Classmates Can’t Afford a Birthday Party – Responds with Selfless Gesture

Every year, one third-grader works hard to make every boy and girl feel special on their birthday.
It’s never too early to begin giving back, as one young girl demonstrated with her large, birthday-loving heart. Bella Smith became motivated after learning that not everyone in her school was able to enjoy their special day, and she determined to do something about it.
Bella was seven years old when it all started in 2017. At the time, one of her classmates at Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School in Kentucky told her that his family couldn’t afford even a tiny birthday celebration.
“We have students who struggle with a lot of things,” Smith’s mother, Marlana Evans, who teaches at Bella’s school, told Good Morning America. “The school she attends is a Title 1 school, which means 80 percent of the population here is impoverished – so we have students who struggle with a lot of things.”
“I was simply feeling depressed.” Bella also told Lex 18 news, “I went from being happy to being kind of miserable.”
Bella’s Birthday Box, the girl’s own little philanthropic side-hustle, was born as a result of this. Bella and Marlana created their own version of the school’s bag club, which sent supplies home to pupils in need. Cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, balloons, and other decorations are all included in birthday boxes, so a child may hold a full birthday party with their family.
These successful boxes, according to the family, are stocked thanks to the kindness of the community. Bella often requests folks to donate stuff to the boxes instead of giving her gifts on her birthdays. The Family Resource Centre at the school then distributes the boxes. Bella had already packed 65 boxes when the story went viral in March 2019. She had more than increased it to 140 boxes by April.
“It is true that not everyone has as much as I do. Bella told Lex 18, “I want to share a little bit of my birthday with them.” Her mother noted, “She’s always had a heart for others and has always been incredibly kind and helpful toward other people.”
Betty Crocker had heard about the story by October 2019 and decided to help. Bella received a gift package from the firm, as well as a donation of cake mix and icing to assist create the next batch of boxes. Bella’s story was also included in an anthology of stories about good youngsters called Unselfish Kids by the end of the year.
“I appreciate God for the chance,” Bella told GMA, “for allowing me to share my light and demonstrate that I love my neighbor.”
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Bella’s tale shows that she not only helped many children celebrate birthdays that they otherwise would not have been able to, but she also motivated others to do the same. Her altruistic act of asking for money instead of presents on her birthday is remarkable generosity for someone so young, and it demonstrates that it’s never too early (or late!) to begin giving back.
Sure, not everyone has time to make contribution boxes for children, families, or people in need, but doing things like contributing items to these boxes or simply asking how you can assist may sometimes make all the difference in someone’s life.
Local food banks and food programs are always in need of gifts or cash to assist them get the fresh foods they require at their drop-in centers. Do you have a hectic schedule? Throw a few extra non-perishable items in your cart the next time you’re at the grocery store and drop them off in the donation bins at the end of the cashier lanes on your way out.
Every little bit counts, as the old adage goes.
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