Drew Barrymore Responds To Britney Spears Calling Her One Of The ‘Most Beautiful’ Celebrities She Has Ever Met

Fans of Drew Barrymore need not worry: the talk show host has seen Britney Spears’ Instagram post declaring her “one of the most gorgeous individuals” she’s ever seen and wants to respond.

Spears wrote on Instagram earlier this week about the only time she’s felt dumbfounded when meeting other celebrities. “I’ve met 1000s of celebs in the profession… but I have to admit @katehudson and @drewbarrymore were the two ones who literally left me dumbfounded,” Spears wrote. “They are without a doubt the two most beautiful people I have ever seen!!! Like a shock!!!”

Barrymore reveals in a preview for an upcoming episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that while everyone on her crew was joyfully freaked out when they read the post, the Flower Films founder would prefer take her time reacting.

“Everyone at the show came racing up to me and said, ‘Did you see?’ since I was down here filming.” “And I simply said when I get upstairs, I’ll see it,” she explained. “I’d like to be thoughtful.” I want to read everything she says. I truly want to answer wisely, and I really want to pick the correct words.”
Barrymore goes on to state that she is excited to read Spears’ new book.
“I just think it’s such a smart and thoughtful approach to convey her tale,” the actress from 50 First Dates said. “She’ll be in charge of the narrative and will tell us in her own words, and it’ll be a fantastic opportunity for us to enter her world… It’s such a pivotal moment for me; I’m filled with so many emotions toward her, so much profundity… So, how do you put that into words in a blog post?”

While Spears was battling to end her 13-year conservatorship, Barrymore was vocal about her support for her. Spears’ speaking up was dubbed “the key to her emancipation” by the former child star in August 2021.

“”This is about her and her life,” she told Entertainment Tonight in an interview. “Everyone deserves the freedom to make errors, achieve life’s accomplishments, and all in between.” That is what life is all about.”

Source: yahoo.com


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