Physician Assistant Dies In Tragic Accident Just Days After Welcoming Baby: “Wish You Could Have Met Him”

On April 1, Amer, a well-known medical assistant at Lewis County General Hospital & Residential Health Care Facility in New York, was killed in a two-car accident.

Amer Al Naqeeb’s death while driving to work on April 1 was a terrible day for his friends, family, and coworkers. Amer was killed in a two-car collision while working as a physician assistant at Lewis County General Hospital & Residential Health Care Facility in New York.

The fact that the 31-year-wife, old’s Naaila, had given birth to a beautiful baby daughter called Sumiya just days before his terrible demise is even more heartbreaking. His loved ones, particularly his coworkers, are now missing him greatly.

Manoj Vora, Amer’s immediate boss, said, “He was just a very nice person.” “He was the type of person who would provide a helping hand to someone in need. He was just well-loved, and he emanated compassion from every pore of his body “Vora told PEOPLE about it.

Vora recalled being concerned on the day of the accident when Amer failed to show up for work at his scheduled hour. “I was alerted as his direct supervisor that he had not shown up for work on Friday. We were all frantically attempting to contact him “Vora was devastated to learn of his death shortly afterward. “I sent him a text about 8:25… and then my phone rang.”

Amer was rushed to the hospital where he works, according to a statement from the Lewis County Healthcare System. However, he eventually died as a result of his injuries, according to WWNY. “‘Did he pass?’ I inquired. ‘Yup, he’s in your emergency room,’ they responded “Vora recalled a phone call he had never expected to receive.

“I dashed into the emergency department to assist my colleagues who had responded to the call. They attempted to resuscitate him “Added he. Amer’s coworkers were worried about his wife and newborn child, so a nurse practitioner named Matthew McLain set up a GoFundMe page for them to assist them get through this difficult time.

“We knew he’d just had his daughter, and his wife had just finished medical school and was going to start her residency here in the autumn,” McLain, who had worked with the 31-year-old, stated. “We wanted to help her as much as we could during this difficult moment, and I believe that the best way for people to express their love and support is to donate money because it’s something that might really, truly help her in such a horrible time.”

McLain described Amer as a person, saying, “He was always pushing to achieve and be better, which helped the people he cared for have better lives. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really wish you could have met him. Patients quickly trusted him and felt a connection with him because of his temperament and bedside style. He has a one-of-a-kind talent.”



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