Mother had hidden Letter For 20 Years The Adopted Daughter Walks Down The Aisle She Hands It Over To Her

Brooke was working as a maternity nurse at South Central Regional Medical Center when Sherry met her future daughter for the first time. Brooke’s mother was unable to care for her child and, after observing Sherry’s emotional attachment to her adopted son, Brian, decided to give her child to her.

The couple received an unexpected but delightful surprise with the addition of a new family member. Brooke was born in 1994, and she was raised by her mother.

Sherry said, “What a wonderful thing God let it end at Laurel.” “Brian and Brooke have long been a dream of ours.”

Sherry takes up the pen to send Brooke a letter to express her love for her.

Sherry, a caring mother, wanted to show her love for her daughter and how much she meant to the family, so she sent her a letter:

“Dear little Brooke,” Sherry wrote as Brooke, who was 18 months old at the time, slept in her cot.

Sherry told ABC News, “My children were adopted.” “All I wanted was for them to realize how much they love each other.”

For the next 20 years, Sherry kept the letter hidden. Brooke was going to create a new family in 2015, and she was about to marry. So Sherry made the decision to deliver the message to him.

Sherry tore a piece of her wedding gown off and had the letter engraved on it just before Brooke’s big day.

Brooke was taken aback when her mother Sherry asked everyone to leave the room when she was heading down the aisle.

This wedding gift was revealed by a dedicated mother alone with her daughter: the message!

Brooke couldn’t keep her tears from streaming down her face as she read the letter, which was written in an elegant and neat calligraphy.

It’s an epic and extremely emotional moment. The Film Poets, a videographer, filmed the entire moment. You can’t help but sense it as well!

Brooke added, “I had no idea the message was there.” “Of course, I began to cry.”

Brooke later became pregnant and wanted to write her child a letter as he walked down the aisle.

“I’m not going to write one,” Brooke remarked, “since it has such an impact on me.”



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