A 25-YO Man Is Marrying an 85-YO Woman With 8 Kids: “This Is My Choice, This Is My Happiness”

The woman has eight children and twenty grandchildren, and she is marrying him against her children’s desires.

Muyiwa, 25, is getting ready to marry Thereza, an 85-year-old woman. The woman’s eight children and Muyiwa’s friend Kakule oppose the couple’s marriage, but they have decided to go forward with it anyhow, according to Legit. Thereza is also the landlady for Muyiwa’s and his friend’s apartment. He told Afrimax that he relocated from Congo to an unidentified African country solely to pursue his university career. He fell in love with Thereza while living on her farm and engaging with her on a regular basis.

Muyiwa claims that prior girlfriends have all been theatrical, but Thereza is different. He talked about their first meeting and how they fell in love “I recall being hungry one Friday when my colleague wasn’t around and we didn’t have any food. I was quite frail. And then the old woman appeared out of nowhere and brought me some food. She arrived and served me with excessive attention.” Thereza had always been kind to him, and this incident was no exception. He said, “The way she treated me and acted compelled me to love her. Even though she is an elderly woman who may be my grandmother, who cares? She is one of my favorite people.”

They’ve both received a lot of criticism for their connection, but Muyiwa has something to say to those who disagree with his feelings for Thereza. “, he explained “This is my choice, and this is my joy. Everyone has their own.” Thereza is likewise head over heels in love with him and is willing to take any risk necessary to keep their romance alive. During the interview, she stated, “I am an 85-year-old woman. I am the mother of eight children and the grandmother of twenty grandchildren. My guy may be my fifth grandchild, based on his age. He adores me, and I adore him as well. I’m all set to put on my wedding gown and ring.”

Users on YouTube are split on whether or not the couple’s enormous age gap is a good thing. As one user put it, “Among all the things that bother me in life, two adults having a life together isn’t one of them. And to those who sneer at them, get a life. You’ll probably work more and have less time to sneer at happy people.” “What a lovely story, and it just goes to show that no matter where you are in the world, the heart knows what it wants regardless of others’ perspectives,” one person remarked. According to a third user, “It’s wonderful to be adored and adored. Although there is a significant age difference between them, hearing her laugh makes me feel better, and she deserves all of the happiness she can get, especially given her age.”

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