Jim Carrey and Nicki Minaj React to Will Smith’s Oscar Slap

Jim Carrey described himself as “sickened.” Will Smith “overreacted,” according to Whoopi Goldberg. Chris Rock, according to Nicki Minaj, should have known better. Jameela Jamil stated that they were both mistaken.

Now you know that the biggest surprise of the 2022 Academy Awards was when Smith smacked Rock on live television when the comedian made a joke about the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Pinkett Smith rushed to the stage to approach Rock, who was supposed to announce the Documentary Feature Award. Pinkett Smith has been forthright about her baldness.

Following the exchange, Oscar watchers and celebrities flocked to Twitter to criticize Smith for his inability to take a joke and to accuse the eventual Oscar winner for setting a terrible precedent for how to react to comedians. Others offered light on the situation and, predictably, memes were born. Some celebrities, such as Bette Midler and Dear, completely missed the event.

“Let me tell you something,” comic Kathy Griffin tweeted, “it’s really bad practice to go on stage and physically assault a comedian.” “Now we all have to wonder who in comedy clubs and theaters wants to be the next Will Smith.”

“Stand-up comedians are incredibly adept at dealing with thugs. Actor Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” tweeted, “Violent physical attack… not so much #UgliestOscarMoment Ever.”

Others used the chance to speak out against the brutality and remarks that black women and other oppressed people are routinely forced to endure in the name of “comedy,” citing Smith’s support for his wife.

“A lot of chatter here about Will Smith and Chris Rock,” novelist Frederick Joseph tweeted. “Especially from folks whose partners aren’t black women (mainly white people).” “I don’t care if it’s a joke or not, people are tired of the time black women have to undergo.” We have no idea what happened to Jada.

Carrey took issue with the reaction inside the Dolby Theater later that night when Smith earned the major actor prize, calling it “a selfish moment” for Smith that put a shadow over Sunday’s Oscar winners.

He said, “I was unwell.” Gayle King told CBS that “The standing ovation made me sick.

Hollywood appears to be dead in the water, and I believe this is a strong indication that we are no longer the cool kids.

“I would have declared this morning that I was suing Will for $200 million because that video will be here forever; it will be ubiquitous,” Carrey continued if he were Rock. This affront will linger for a long time. It’s fine if you want to shout your dissatisfaction from the street or post something on Twitter. But you can’t go on stage and punch someone in the face just for saying something.

On Monday, moderator Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts attempted to explain the moment on ABC’s “The View,” which airs on the same network as the Oscars. Goldberg, who won an Oscar for “Ghost” and serves on the Academy’s Board of Governors, said she didn’t expect Smith’s Oscar would be revoked and that he had simply “cracked” after years of jokes.

“I simply think there was probably a lot of things building up.” Because there were a lot of jokes [about Smith and Pinkett Smith] in 2016, ’17, ’18, ’19, ’20, and ’21 – some of them very low, some of them OK. “I believe he reacted too strongly,” Goldberg added. “And that was humorous in 2016 — Chris was also the Oscars host that year.” I think I would have been irritated. … But I believe he had one of those moments where he thought to himself, ‘G— it.’ Stopped, Stopped, Stopped, Stopped, Stopped, Stopped, Stopped, And there’s the added pressure of wishing to win while still attempting to retain your cool. “I’ve got it.”

“Not everyone acts the way we would like under duress,” she continued. Some people have a tendency to crack. He yelled angrily. What I mean is that I think it’s amazing and fantastic that Chris Rock didn’t take him somewhere else he could have gone. So I’m not sure if they talked or if he apologized.

Rock’s joke was “extremely bad taste,” Ana Navarro conceded, but added that “nothing, nada, cero condones violence in this way.”

Nicki Minaj, a rapper, was among those who were taken aback, but she believes Rock would not have made the joke if he had understood what Jada had lately said. Still, she couldn’t believe he and “the entire #Oscars team” were unaware of Pinkett Smith’s health problems.

“Now, here’s the thing…” Minaj sent out a tweet. “And this is an AMAZING example – EYE OPENING… Husband is on the front lines of his wife’s suffering…the he’s one soothing her…drying her tears behind closed doors when those cameras are rolling. People on social media were led to believe that these “husbands” would never meet them in person.

“You just witnessed in real life what goes through a man’s mind when he sees the lady he loves fighting back tears after a ‘small joke’ at his expense,” he continued. she continues. added. “Any true male feels that way at that moment.” He sees his anguish while you see the comedy.”

Jameela Jamil, star of “The Good Place,” defended black women and pointed out that Smith and Rock were wrong.

“Chris knocked on the door. Will was slapped across the face. Physical activity isn’t the only factor to consider in this case. She commented on Instagram, “The world politely mocks a woman who lost her hair, gets humiliated on a world stage…” “Tonight shouldn’t be the beginning of beating people for their jokes, but it should be the end of making light of people’s health problems.”

Others rallied around Smith, like rapper 50 Cent, who shared one photograph of Smith’s teary acceptance speech on Twitter and said, “You have to win Oscars to do this type of s—. after I win, I’m going to slap a few people’s s—. MDR.”

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