WATCH: Bride Sings to Groom “You Raise Me Up” While Walking Down the Aisle, Onlookers in Tears

During her wedding ceremony in Norway, Maria Holand Tosse surprised her soon-to-be husband. Prior to her wedding, the professional singer, who placed third in Norway’s most-watched talent show, altered the lyrics of “You Raise Me Up,” which the bride sang to the groom as she walked down the aisle with her father by her side.

As the Bride sang to the Groom, she belted out “You Raise Me Up.”
Maria Holand Tosse and her groom, Ronny Eidvisk, had a magnificent wedding ceremony at Alusund Church in Norway.

Ronny is seen waiting at the front of the church when the doors open and Maria emerges, with her father on her side, according to a YouTube video.

As an organist begins to play the traditional wedding march, Maria quietly hides the microphone, but as the notes shift to the song “You Raise Me Up,” Maria pulls the microphone to her mouth, and the moment the bride sung to the husband began.

The bride’s personalized lyrics brought tears to the groom’s, her father’s, and those attending the wedding’s eyes. A choir joined her on the chorus, and a brass band even chimed in during parts of the song, but it was the bride’s personalized lyrics that brought tears to the groom’s, her father’s, and those attending the wedding’s eyes.

The following are some of the personalized lyrics from the bride’s song to the groom:

“When I’m down and, oh my soul, so tired, when worries arrive and my heart is burdened, when I’m down and, oh my soul, so tired.” Then I will remain silent and still until you come and sit with me for a while.”

Here’s where you can see the whole thing on YouTube:

The groom’s surprise was undoubtedly so memorable that he will never forget it, but she wasn’t the only one who sang.

As the bride and her father approached the front of the chapel, the groom’s father astonished everyone by saying something to him…

The Groom’s Father Participates in the Song

Despite the fact that Maria’s father did not appear to be an award-winning singer like his daughter, he bravely took the mic after the bride sang to the groom.

“Now it’s time to give away my daughter,” the bride’s father sung, “and you know it’s time, so please look after her.”

Maria smiles from ear to ear as she stares fondly at her father.

Then Maria returns the microphone with a chuckle and continues singing to Ronny. “I’m confident he will; he loves me more than ever, and now is the moment to say I do.”

In the video, the groom is definitely enjoying the song, smiling and even laughing.

The chorus of singers finished the song for the newlyweds as the father handed his daughter over to Ronny.

If you’ve ever gone to your own wedding or another memorable occasion, you can know how difficult it must have been for Mary to maintain her voice firm and strong as emotions flooded her during this magnificent moment.

Anyone in the congregation could see how moved everyone was.

But it wasn’t just those who were in attendance who were moved. Since its original upload in 2015, the YouTube video has approximately 45 million views and over 16,000 likes, with nearly 900 effusive comments.

“This was just lovely,” Christine Preston said.

I was crying the entire time, and God bless them both for a long and happy marriage.”

“Ohhh wow,” Anja M. said. That was just stunning… I’m sitting here in tears because of that lovely ceremony.”

“This brought tears to my eyes,” Laverne Van Wyk said. Beautiful.”

Coco wrote, “This is one of the most gorgeous ceremonies I have ever witnessed.” “You have demonstrated to your partner what life is all about and how your relationship will continue. God’s blessings on you both. PS: My husband of over 30 years and I both cry every time we see it!”

Ronny’s Message to His Bride in Music

Ronny didn’t answer with a song of his own, but knowing Maria’s love of music, he planned a musical tribute to her as well.

Many comments were aware of both videos, indicating that the couple has a large following.

“I heard your song to your hubby and it was really sweet!” one person said. This is also quite wonderful. May God continue to bless your marriage.”

Maria even added her two cents, stating, “Thank you so much, everyone.” My pals are extremely skilled, and I’m grateful that they agreed to perform this song for us. Marion Raven, a Norwegian artist, wrote the song – Found someone. My husband wrote the text himself. Perhaps he can translate it for you. Thank you one more!”



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