Father Donates Seven Daughter’s Organs After Her Death, So Her Heart Can Go On Beating

Seven of his daughter’s organs, including her heart and liver, are donated by her father.

Most parents’ worst nightmare is losing their child. While each tragedy is special and unique to the individual, people who have experienced this unspeakable loss will strive to discover ways to cope.

One Chinese parent chose to do so by donating his deceased daughter’s organs to save lives.

He could go on with his life knowing that his daughter’s heart was still beating somewhere in the world, even if it wasn’t in her body.

This is the moving story of how a father’s love and sorrow became a source of redemption for others.

After colliding with a wall, the daughter passed out.
Mr Huang Qin told Chinese daily Xinhua Newspaper Net in early January about the sad experience of saying goodbye to his daughter Tongtong forever, according to The New Paper.

Tongtong, 9, was on her way to her 10 a.m. PE session when she was knocked into by a classmate, just like any other kid who looks forward to PE.

Her head collided with the corridor wall, knocking her out.

A PE teacher was seen carrying Tongtong on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from 163 News.

Mr Huang said the footage clearly showed his daughter’s limbs and legs sagging like a lifeless doll.

Tongtong’s form teacher had passed her sugar water not long after she regained consciousness, he said.

Tongtong shook her head when asked whether she was feeling sick.

The form teacher also summoned the classmate who had collided with her. Tongtong accepted the apologies after the classmate apologized.

Soon after, Mr Huang received a call from Tongtong’s form teacher, who observed a lump on his daughter’s head. He crouched on the toilet for more than 20 minutes after learning that his daughter was suffering from a stomach pain.

He received a second call on his way to school, informing him of the morning event, according to the South China Morning Post.

At 3.30 p.m., he arrived to find his daughter comatose in the school office, and the school had already dialed 911.

Mr Huang remembered his last chat with Tongtong, in which she confessed to having neglected to have lunch.

He worried as he felt his daughter’s head, which had a large bulge on it roughly “the size of an egg.”

He couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive, so he took her to the nearest hospital right away.

He went into a coma and died 9 days later.

His daughter was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage after medical examinations.

Tongtong was transported to Nanning No.1 People’s Hospital as soon as she was diagnosed, but her condition worsened.

She was subsequently transferred to Nanning’s First People’s Hospital, where she remained in a coma for nine days.

Unfortunately, she died as a result of her injuries.

Tongtong’s father decided to donate his organs.

Her family was grieved by Tongtong’s death. The family’s sorrow was mitigated by Mr Huang’s decision to donate seven of her organs, including her heart and liver.

He said he made the decision after realizing his daughter wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive.

He cried for a long time, but he felt he “had to do” what he was doing. As he signed the organ donation document, his hands trembled.

His efforts were not in vain, however, as all seven of her organs were successfully matched.

She wishes for her daughter’s heart to continue to beat in this world.

Mr Huang expressed relief after learning how Tongtong’s organs saved so many lives.

He went on to say that society’s warmth gave him the motivation to keep going.

I don’t want to be praised for being a hero. All I want is for my daughter’s heart to keep beating in this world.

He wishes for his daughter to be able to continue living in this world, even if her heart beats in a different way.

Mr Huang had also received an apology from the school, which vowed to improve safety management.

In a unique way, Tongtong’s memory is being honored.

One of the most terrible things in the world is saying goodbye to your child forever. But we’re encouraged to see that Mr Huang has found a unique way to pay tribute to Tongtong’s legacy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Huang and his family, who will need time to recover and move on from this tragedy.

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