Wedding Ceremony Interrupted By Voice From The Back – Bride Turns Around And Starts Sobbing

We all have a mental picture of our wedding day. As they walk down the aisle, many people anticipate a room packed with their closest family and friends.

Whatever preparations you have for your wedding day, it’s likely that, like most couples, you want everything to go perfectly on the big day. However, things rarely go as to plan. Both the couple and the guests at Tricia and Neil’s wedding learned how great surprises can be.

The couple had their own beautiful plan for their big day, but they had no idea that their guests had their own extravagant wedding plans! The wedding of Tricia and Neil went off without a hitch. They had just finished exchanging vows and were about to make the commitment of a lifetime when they heard a noise from the rear of the chapel.

A voice began to sing slowly. As the rest of the flash mob joined in, the pair was stunned and speechless. While most people associate flash mobs with a lot of jumping, dancing, and loud singing, this wedding flash mob was anything but. The singers’ magnificent voices filled the cathedral as they sang “How Great Thou Art.”

Tricia was moved to tears by the performance, which was both emotional and stunning!

This surprise was so tremendous that it caught the entire congregation off guard, in the best possible way. On a day as beautiful as their wedding day, the couple was able to enjoy a touching performance by their loved ones.

While this song was only a little portion of the big day, the couple and the rest of the audience were permanently changed by the performance. The groom and bride were completely taken aback when their ceremony was interrupted, as you can see in the video. You can clearly feel the feelings they were both feeling at the time as the disbelief evolves into tears of delight.



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