Viral Video: An 11-month-old Girl Learns To Board Even Though She Still Does Not Know How To Walk

Wang Yu is only 11 months old, but it doesn’t stop her from fighting like a small professional, as evidenced by her parents’ viral video.

Wang Yu, an 11-month-old Chinese baby who is still learning to walk, can fight like a pro.

The video of little Wang Yu that went viral recently has astounded everyone, and no one is astonished by her abilities.

Judy has never ridden a snowboard before, according to her parents, who enjoy activities like skiing and cycling.

They live in Beijing and decided to give their daughter an opportunity after wanting to try snowboarding.


“Our family’s idea is to encourage kids to participate in the sports that we enjoy. We carried a little snowboard for our kid with us when my husband and I went skiing.

We intended to give it to her when she was a little older, but she immediately took to it.

“She tried it at home first — she wasn’t scared at all and she had a great time,” her mother said.

Then they took Wang Yu to a ski area where they go almost every winter, and she quickly proved herself to be a snowboarding pro.


Wang Yuv is dragged by her parents on a snowboard in the video, and she keeps her balance without difficulty.

“She still can’t go down on her own since controlling the direction in which the snowboard moves is tough for her.” She does, however, occasionally encourage herself.

He’s in terrific shape and wasn’t scared the first time around. She was able to move without difficulty when standing.”


Judy’s father reveals that this was the first time she had ever seen snow.

“She is fascinated by snowflakes; she has never seen snow before this year, and the snowflakes that vanish when they fall on her arm seem magical to her.”



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