Bride Signs Vows For Groom’s Deaf Parents Leaving Him In Tears

This bride was just stunning. To show respect for her groom’s deaf parents, she studied and signed her pledge.

Michael Kulick is someone Kelsey met a few years ago. His parents are deaf, and he was raised with sign language, she knows. When he was a newborn, he began to communicate with them through American Sign Language.

Kelsey told him after they were engaged that she wanted to utilize sign language for her vows to demonstrate her admiration for his parents. “I wanted to do it out of respect for them and to show them all how much I love them,” his lovely wife explained.

Michael had completely forgotten about it. Kelsey then sought advice from his aunt. “I merely asked her if she could videotape herself signing my vows. She remembered, so that I could utilize it and practice it and know that I was performing the appropriate signals. I practiced on my own for several weeks with that,” she continued.

Herself said that only Michael’s aunt, their cameraman, Chandler Smith, and she were aware of it. On their wedding day, she planned to surprise her fiancé, his family, and her own family.

Michael was delighted to report that his parents “thought it was really nice,” and that they “continued going on and on about how great Kelsey was and how special that moment was for them.”

In the meanwhile, Chandler shared the video on Instagram, where it quickly went viral. “I had no idea it would become viral,” she says. “I was doing it out of respect for his family and him…because that’s how they communicate,” the astonished wife explained.

Kelsey mentioned her goal to “get proficient” in sign language so she could connect with Michael’s family effectively. “I want my kids to be able to speak with them,” she adds. She wants their family to be able to communicate without any obstacles.

Her groom, who is now her husband, felt the gift was really thoughtful. “Besides us being married and becoming husband and wife, it was definitely the most special part of the ceremony.” Michael’s emotions were out of control at the time. While his bride was writing her vows, he couldn’t stop himself from crying. You’re the one who’s sobbing, not me. There were most likely no dry eyes at the wedding on that particular day.

Kelsey is an enormous help to her husband and his family. “I discovered a nice thing and received a blessing from the Lord,” he said.



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