This Strong New Mother Gave Birth On An 11-Hr Flight Across The Atlantic

On a flight, eleven hours is a long time. However, something unexpected filled up a lot of that time for United Flight 997’s passengers!

Tiani Warren had just returned from a three-week humanitarian trip in Ghana and was flying back to Los Angeles via Washington Dulles International Airport when she heard whimpering from the seat behind her. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she turned around to see what was going on.

The woman on the row behind Tiana was about to give birth! One of the flight attendants happened to be a former nurse, and she was doing her best to assist the laboring mother. Tiana began to pray as she battled to recover from her shock.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh God, I know she’s not going to give birth on this plane,'” she remembered. “I was literally counting her contractions – they were every seven to ten minutes.” I was really freaked out. Oh, my God,” says the speaker.

Those prayers were immediately answered! There was also a Ghanaian doctor and a licensed nurse on board, it turned out. Both raced to assist the mother, who had been in active labor for around two hours. That’s correct, she gave birth right there in the emergency room!

doctor and nurse helping woman have a baby on a plane

“The doctor then began operating on her,” Tiana explained. “They got an IV for her and inserted it in her.” She was moaning and yelling, but half the passengers on the plane were completely unaware of what was happening.”

The infant began to wail after many lengthy seconds, and it was, for once, music to the passengers’ ears! Mom was promptly cleaned up and reseated by the caretakers.

Under duress, the passengers and crew handled this turbulent journey with amazing elegance!

In a statement, United said, “Our crew was great.” “They moved immediately, aided the onboard medical personnel, and ensured that everyone remained safe during the journey.” And we were overjoyed to see the jet land with one more, quite lovely, passenger.”

Tiana said, “Lord Jesus, help us all to be up close and intimate like that.” “I’m relieved the baby is doing well.” “Say hello to my airline nephew!!” she captioned photos and videos of her front-row seat to the mid-Atlantic delivery on Instagram. Meet United Airlines Baby Nolan…wow… What an eventful day.”

doctor delivers baby on airplane

At the gate, paramedics met the plane and escorted the mother and baby to the hospital. Everyone got along swimmingly and will be returning to New York City in a few days.

baby Nolan



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