Heroic Stranger Helped Two Ukrainian Kids Travel Safely To The Border To Reunite With Their Mom

As Russian soldiers continue to strike Ukraine’s cities, many families are trying to flee the fighting.

Nataliya Ableyeva, 58, crossed the border from Ukraine to Hungary lately, taking with her two small children who had been entrusted to her by a stranger.

Ableyeva met a desperate 38-year-old man from her village of Kamianets-Podilskyi while waiting at the Ukrainian border crossing. The guards refused to allow him through with his little son and daughter.

Under martial law and directives from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 are prohibited from leaving the nation in order to fight for their country.

Women and children, on the other hand, were free to depart, leaving the male with little choice except to search the throng for a trustworthy face. He located Ableyeva among the crowd and begged her to assist his children in crossing the border. The former had no reservations in agreeing to his request.

Anna Semyuk hugging her son

“Their father just handed the two kids over to me and trusted me enough to give me their passports so I could bring them over,” Ableyeva recalled.

Anna Semyuk, 33, the children’s Ukrainian mother, was on her way from Italy to meet them at the border and take them to safety, according to the guy. He then provided Ableyeva Semyuk’s phone number and said his goodbyes to his children, who were dressed in heavy coats and caps to keep warm.

Unfortunately, Ableyeva was unable to bring her two adult children with her. The mobilization directive forbade one of them, a police officer, and the other, a nurse, from leaving Ukraine. Their vocations are critical in the battle against the Russians, according to the president, therefore they have no choice but to stay behind and join the cause.

Ableyeva grabbed the man’s children in her arms and led them across the border.

They sat on a bench beside a tent set up to handle the torrent of migrants crossing the border on the Hungarian side at Beregsurany. When his phone unexpectedly rang, the child started weeping.

It was his mother who called to say she was on her way to the border crossing.

When Semyuk arrived, she hugged her son and went to check on her daughter, who was covered in a pink blanket in the back of a vehicle.

Semyuk then expressed his gratitude to Ableyeva. The two moms hugged for long minutes on the freezing ground, tears streaming down their faces.

Nataliya Ableyeva and Anna Semyuk hugging

“All I can tell my kids right now is that everything is going to be fine,” Semyuk added. “In a week or two, we’ll be back home.”

More than half a million refugees have fled Ukraine as a result of the continuing invasion, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

The UNHCR stated, “UNHCR is working with partners and local authorities to offer humanitarian relief and support to those in need.”

US President Joe Biden blasted Russia’s incursion and expressed support with the Ukrainian people during his State of the Union Address. He also stated that the United States will not send soldiers to Ukraine.

In the video below, see the mother’s joyful reunion with her children.

Source: abc.net.au


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