Keanu Reeves Surprises His ‘John Wick’ Stunt Crew With Personalized Rolex Watches

Keanu Reeves has a devoted following that admire him not just for his acting abilities, but also for his kindness and charity.

We’ve heard several anecdotes over the years of the actor conducting acts of kindness, both large and little, and it appears he has no intentions to stop anytime soon.

The 57-year-old actor surprised his colleagues with customized Rolex Submariner watches while out to dinner in Paris.

Shortly after concluding production for the next Hollywood action picture, Reeves presented Bruce Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo, and Li Qiang with the watches, which sell for a little less than $10,000 each. It was his way of expressing his thanks for all of their efforts.

Reeves etched a customized letter to each individual on the inside of each clock.

Marinas used his Instagram Stories to take a closer look at the watches, calling them the “greatest wrap present ever.” The words “The John Wick Five” were engraved on the inside of his watch, along with Reeves’ personal note, “Jeremy.” Keanu JW4 2021, thank you.”

An engraving on the back of a Rolex given to the stunt team by Keanu Reeves

“Got that new new thank you buddy KR,” Concepcion captioned a photo of his personalized Rolex on Instagram Stories.

This isn’t the first time Reeves has lavished his stunt team with presents. When the first “Matrix” picture was being made, the actor gifted his whole crew with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. His profit-sharing contract for the trilogy was also divided with the wardrobe and visual effects departments of the film.

The box office receipts for the last two films totaled more than $1.2 billion worldwide. Although the actual sum has never been established, many people believe Reeves handed away between $75 and $100 million.

“I never think about money.” Reeves claim.

Reeves is no stranger to making heartfelt gestures. During the production of “Bill and Ted Face the Music” in Louisiana in July 2019, Reeves noticed a handcrafted sign on the front yard of someone’s home. “You’re stunning,” it said.

The remark alluded to a famous occasion in which Reeves said the words to the crowd at the E3 video game conference when a fan screamed the phrase at him from the crowd.

Reeves got out of the car when he saw the sign and decided to play with it. Kneeling on the ground, the actor signed his name and wrote, “Stacey, You’re Breathtaking!”

A Twitter user quickly confirmed she was the woman behind the poster, posting a photo of herself and her boys with Reeves to prove it.

“Wow! It was a dream come true yesterday! We knew Keanu Reeves was filming across the street, so my son suggested we build a “you’re stunning” sign, which we did!

In May 2022, “John Wick: Chapter 4” will be released in cinemas. Fortunately, fans of the franchise will not have to wait long for the next installment. Lionsgate stated last year that the fifth sequel will be shot concurrently with the fourth.

“We’re also hard at work on the scripts for the following two episodes of our John Wick action series, with John Wick 4 set to reach theaters Memorial Day weekend in 2022.”

According to Deadline, the studio’s CEO, John Feltheimer, stated on a 2020 earnings call, “We plan to film both John Wick 4 and 5 back to back when Keanu becomes available early next year.”

The first three episodes of the John Wick franchise have grossed a total of $584.2 million for the company.

With the debut of “The Matrix Resurrections” in December, we’ll see more of Reeves on the big screen.



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