8-yo Girl Labeled ‘Weird’ Turned Out To Be A Child Genius With An IQ Of 162

An eight-year-old Mexican girl who was teased at school for being “strange” turned out to be a genius. She is now pursuing two engineering degrees via distance learning.

Because the majority of people in our culture do not comprehend brilliant people’s characteristics, they might get alienated. Adhara Pérez, an eight-year-old Mexican girl, experienced exactly this.

According to reports, the girl has an IQ of 162, which is slightly higher than those of famed geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, both of whom had an IQ of 160.

Adhara was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was three years old, according to the Yucatan Times. It is a type of developmental disability that falls within the autism spectrum that affects a person’s ability to handle social situations.

Adhara said she was “made a joke in school,” according to the source. She was bullied by her peers, who dubbed her “weirdo” and “oddball” among other things. The lecturers at the academy feared she wouldn’t be able to succeed there.

“I noticed Adhara was playing in a little home, and they had her tied up.” “And they started chanting, ‘Oddball, weirdo!'” Nallely Sanchez, her mother, told the publication. “Then they started striking the small house,” says the narrator. As a result, I told her, “I don’t want her to suffer.”

Adhara, according to her mother, slipped into a “extremely deep” depression as a result of her traumatic school experiences. The adolescent no longer wanted to go to school. She would frequently sleep in class and exhibit little enthusiasm or effort, according to her teachers.

Nallely, on the other hand, was well aware that her daughter exhibited a level of intelligence uncommon in children her age. She chose to take her to therapy because she had mastered mathematical skills and the periodic table. Adhara was sent to the Talent Care Center by her psychiatrist, and it was then that the girl’s genius was proven.

Following that, Adhara was able to thrive in a classroom environment tailored to children with exceptional intellect.

Her ability allowed her to complete elementary school at the age of five, middle school at the age of six, and high school at the age of eight. Adhara is now on her way to completing two online degrees, one in industrial engineering with a mathematics concentration and the other in systems engineering.

Adhara, who was named to Forbes México’s list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico, has published a book on her experiences as a “smart girl” who was bullied. The book’s title approximately translates to “Don’t Give Up.”

According to Vogue Mexico, the kid genius is working on a smart wristband that can track the emotions of youngsters with special needs.

Nallely hopes to take Adhara to the United States in the future to take the University of Arizona’s entrance exam, which is her daughter’s dream school. She is now studying English in preparation for her move to the United States, and she intends to pursue a career in astrophysics. The girl aspires to be an astronaut one day.

Adhara’s future looks bright, but so does the rest of the world, which will profit from the amazing things she will undoubtedly do! Find out more about her by reading the following:

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