Senior Veteran Cries When Choir Of Students Stop Him In Restaurant To Sing Him The National Anthem

Thanks to our heroes, America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

They are the foundation of our country’s liberties. Every Veteran’s Day, the country comes together to commemorate their commitment, service, and, in some cases, ultimate sacrifice. But what about the other 364 days of the year?

We can only hope they are treated with the same love and respect, but life gets hectic, and veterans…especially our senior vets…may go ignored. For those who have served, a simple nod or smile may mean the world.

It is really inspirational when individuals go above and above to commemorate our veterans, especially when those people are kids.

When a group of children stopped for lunch while on a field trip, this was the scenario. One vet’s day was about to get a lot brighter. A lunch break turns into a life-altering experience.

When Mission Trail Middle School choir students arrived at Pizza Street, they noticed a Navy veteran and his wife sitting nearby. The kids chose to pay tribute to the veteran for his valiant service to our country.

“May we sing the National Anthem for you?”

Teresa Murray-Posey, the choir director at Mission Trail, said the kids approached the veteran to thank him for his service. They also requested that they perform the National Anthem for him.

When he heard them begin to sing, Roy Blackburn, a Navy veteran and former fire marshal, rose up, removed his hat, and placed it over his heart.

The café was crowded with the sounds of students. As they heard the magnificent song, Roy’s wife, Carol, and other guests stepped up to honor the vet.

The Navy veteran was moved to tears by the heartfelt encounter.

The pupils stared directly at Roy as they sang, and he became emotional as he listened to them. Blackburn asked the pupils one question when they finished singing. It was a simple request, but the pupils could tell it came from the heart.

“May God bless you… Do whatever you can to help our lovely country.”

It’s been more than a year since the students remembered Roy on that day. He died on February 23, 2020, surrounded by his adoring family and wife Carol. Roy’s family will never forget the respect the youngsters gave their father, grandfather, and one of America’s best that day.

Following the video’s virality, a deluge of Facebook comments poured in.

People were moved by the pupils’ actions that day, and they couldn’t help but express their admiration for them on social media. If the pupils weren’t proud of their work before, they should be now after reading the numerous encouraging remarks.

At Roy’s burial, several of the choir students performed the National Anthem.

Now watch a touching video of Mission Trail Middle School choir students singing the National Anthem in honor of Roy Blackburn.



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