Dad Attaches Microphone On 3-yr-old Daughter And People Are Loving Her Adorable Pep Talks While Skiing

Adia Leidums, three, enjoys going on excursions and giving herself pep speeches, especially when it’s snowing.

When a video of her skiing while mic’d up went popular on social media in 2021, the toddler from Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, became an internet celebrity.

The clip shows her skiing confidently with her father on the slopes of Fernie Alpine Resort. The talkative child could be heard giving herself a pep talk over all the hurdles as she flew down the icy hills and through the trees.

Adia Leidums skiing

Courtney Haeusler and Erich Leidums, Adia’s parents, decided to post the video online.

What’s the end result? People got to see how badass she is on the slopes—and how adorable she is as she coaches herself!

She was overheard saying, “Going over you, ice.” “Ice, I’m going around you.”

She told herself to “walk like a duck” as she came to an incline.

Adia Leidums and Erich Leidums skiing

Her father, Erich, got the idea to put a microphone on Adia from a hockey dad who mic’d up his kid during practice a few years ago. He decided it was important recording Adia’s self-talk as well because the boy’s narrative and self-monologue were so endearing.

“When I was using my GoPro without the mic, I would attempt to go closer to her, and when she collapsed and got up, she’d have something to say to the camera,” Erich said.

“With a microphone, nothing she says is missed.” It’s quite cute when you sigh, chuckle, or giggle.”

Although the hills were scary, Adia’s inherent curiosity was unaffected. “Hi, one-eyed monster,” she exclaimed as she skied by a one-eyed monster cutout on a tree.

She fell as a result of the temporary interruption, but this little one is a warrior. She promptly spat the mud and snow out of her mouth and picked herself up as if nothing had happened instead of making a big deal about it.

Adia was ready to depart after brushing herself off.

Before descending the slope, she added, “I guess it was a nice fall.” “This is the way!”

“We’re going this way.”

Erich posted the video on TikTok and Instagram, and the family’s YouTube channel, That Mountain Life, has the whole footage of her ski.

Adia Leidums skiing

On TikTok, Adia’s skiing video has received millions of views. Viewers praised the youngster not just for her skiing abilities, but also for her communication skills.

“She’s adorable,” says the narrator. “It’s as adorable as anything,” Erich added. “It really takes my heart.”

Another video of Adia is currently circulating on social media. This time, the father and daughter embarked on a snowy mountain backpack recovery operation.

Erich’s rucksack collapsed when the two were riding a gondola lift and eating snacks.

Adia Leidums sitting on the snow beside her dad's backpack

“It’s all right. Adia responded to her father, “We can ski down and fetch it.”

Adia exited the lift and began skiing to grab the backpack after the trip was over. They were even dubbed the “Rescue Riders” by her. How adorable!

Adia descended the icy hills at breakneck speed, like a genuine pro. Her self-assurance is palpable, and it’s clear she’s come a long way since her motivational video went viral last year. The small girl discovered the bag at the conclusion of the film, indicating that their objective was successful.

Adia is the youngest of three sisters and brothers. All of Erich and Courtney’s children have been skiing since they were roughly 18 months old, and they are all competent skiers thanks to years of instruction.

“Next year, I’ll keep documenting and recording her. We trek mountains, paddle, and do other outdoor activities, so we’ll be chronicling our adventures here in the future,” Erich added.

This kid can ski better than most people I know, including myself. Who knows, she may be a future Olympian to keep an eye on. Adia, you go!

Watch Adia the skier in action and listen to her motivational speeches in the video below.



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