Jennifer Lopez Says She “Survived” The Entertainment Business Thanks To Her Mom Who Made Her “Tough”

Jennifer Lopez claims that her mother, who unwittingly prepared her for her destiny, helped her prepare for it.

Working in the entertainment industry is not for everyone. Being tough is one of the keys to succeeding here, and Jennifer Lopez was prepared for it owing to her mother. The actress and singer opened out about her relationship with her mother, Guadalupe Rodrguez, in a recent Rolling Stone cover story.

“Listen, my mother was also a fun mother,” the 52-year-old said. “My mother was also the one who exposed me to musicals and all types of music. Because of my mother, I am an entertainer.” The vocalist from On The Floor went on to say, “But, because my mother was tough, I’ve been able to endure the things I’ve faced in this profession. I’m not sure she realized what she was doing to me, but she did.”

Jennifer Lopez's mom, 74, dances like a teenager on stage

“I wanted to get things done,” she explained. “I had a competitive streak in me.” Despite her current achievements, she has a long way to go. Lopez admitted to feeling like a “underdog” at times because she grew up in a modest Bronx family with little prior understanding of the industry. “I constantly feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Always. I constantly had the feeling that I wasn’t intended to be in the room “she said “It’s part of being Puerto Rican and a lady from the Bronx.”

“Do you get what I’m saying? That sort of thing. Not being born into a wealthy family. Not knowing anyone in the industry. ‘F— it,’ I shouted as I walked out the door. I’m going to give it my all. ‘I’m going to attempt to get in here,’ says the narrator “She made a note of her determination. She has made a reputation for herself not just in the music world, but also in the acting field.

She still feels like there’s a gap between where she is and where she wants to go, though.

“‘Well, she’s not that terrific,’ people have been saying for the past 20, 25 years. She’s attractive and she creates pleasant music, but she’s nothing special. ‘You know, I believe I’ve done some very excellent stuff over the years,’ she says “Lopez agreed.

“However, there was one club that I was not a member of. And I always pretended to be, ‘Yeah, I’m OK.’ I’m perfectly fine. ‘I’m OK,’ says the narrator “she asserted herself.

“However, not being included stings. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be. ‘We are the great painters,’ there is an inner circle. Then there are the pop stars.”



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