High School Boy Learned to Sew Because His Prom Date Couldn’t Afford Her Dream Dress | He Made Her Gown From Scratch!

The high school prom, oh, the high school prom. For years, girls fantasized about their prom night. From picking the perfect date to finding the perfect dress, there’s a lot to think about. However, not every girl can afford the dress of her dreams, which can put a damper on what should otherwise be a joyous occasion. When this high school senior was unable to purchase the outfit of her dreams, she had her fantasy come true. Even though this story is dated 2019, it is sure to bring a grin to your face!

Addi Rust was excited about her Pendleton Heights prom, but she couldn’t afford the gown of her dreams. Fortunately for Addi, she has a fantastic best friend and prom date in Parker Smith. Peter, you know, had chosen to create her a dress! While the two laughed about it, Peter accepted the challenge of creating the most gorgeous garment for his friend! Parker even created the entire garment from the ground up and trained himself to sew in time for the prom!

“I’m such a perfectionist that I was up late the night before prom adding extra stones to the dress.”

Parker learned to sew with the help of his grandma after drawing a sketch of the dress.

He wanted the outfit to be flawless, and he even redid several elements of it to ensure that it was.

Parker Smith and Addi Rust custom made prom dress

Of course, Addi looked like a princess on her prom night due to Parker. He shared several images on Twitter with the following caption:

It’s been a long road, but the first thing I’ve ever sewed (a prom dress) is finished and ready for the ball! I had the distinction of not only being the Prince Charming of the lovely @AddiRust, but also her fairy godmother, hehe! I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. (From the ground up)

Parker Smith and Addi Rust custom made prom dress

A Unique Chance

Parker’s stunning gown had gone viral, and new doors had begun to open for him. Parker intended to study costume design and musical theatre in order to work as a Broadway costume designer. He had no idea how close he came to realizing his aspirations thanks to Addi’s clothing. Of course, Addi looked like a princess on her prom night due to Parker. Parker explained how his dress-related post got viral, saying:

“It was a completely unexpected turn of events.” Before I performed it, I had only stitched two stitches. We were basically having a good time during every major event.”

Parker Smith and Addi Rust custom made prom dress

Footlite Musicals in Indianapolis hired him a few months later. As chance would have it, the director of their Cinderella production, Bob Harbin, was a friend of one of Parker’s instructors.

“He was looking for a dressmaker.” My teacher suggested that I could know a child.” And there was the start of his adventure. ‘You know that child, that youngster, who did that prom dress thing?’ she asked. “When you look at his work, his sketches, you can tell if he’s got it or not, and he’s clearly talented.”

Parker was tasked with designing numerous outfits for the show. One even went from a peasant garment to a ball gown! Take a look at it in action below:

Source: diply.com


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