Father Passes Away Before Daughter’s Wedding, In Church A Voice Asks Her To Turn Around

Every lady, according to legend, has dreamed about her wedding day since she was a child. A Cinderella-like event that would leave everyone in attendance gasping for air.

Andrea had meticulously prepared and arranged her wedding. The venue had been reserved, and the caterer had been finalized. Everything came together beautifully. She was ecstatic to be able to celebrate her big day with all of her family and friends. What’s the worst that might happen?

Unfortunately, Andrea’s father, Mark, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died just days before Andrea’s wedding. He was going to be the one to lead her down the aisle.

During the reception, one of her brothers made an announcement. “We’re missing someone fairly vital… so, I decided I wanted to do something special for Andrea and not only for Andrea but for dad,” he said of the father-bride dance and the loss their family was experiencing.

Andrea and her father had a special song that they sang together. Andrea’s brother taped himself singing “Butterfly Kisses” and played it during what was supposed to be the father-daughter dance.

Andrea’s wedding was full with wonderful surprises, including a beautiful song. Each of the groomsmen in the family was invited to dance with Andrea by the bride’s brother.

When the older gentleman arrived to dance with her, she burst into tears. As the dance went place, the wedding guests were in tears. Andrea’s brother was given the last dance.

When she joined her sibling on the dance floor, she absolutely lost her cool.

She was able to honor her father thanks to her family and friends, and her wedding day was very memorable.


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