A Plane Was Forced To Turn Around After Mom Told Crew She Forgot Her Child At The Airport

In Saudi Arabia, a jet was turned around when a mother notified the airline staff that she had left her infant baby in the boarding area of King Abdul Aziz International Airport’s terminal.

According to Gulf News, the airplane was on its way to Kuala Lampur from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but was forced to return after the mother informed the pilot. The jet made a U-turn and landed at the airport, allowing the mom to rescue her child.

Because of the strange situation, a video showing the pilot requesting to return to the airport has gone popular on the internet. The operators can be heard being taken aback by the request and attempting to figure out what to do next.

“May God’s blessings be upon us. Is it okay if we come back?” On the video, the pilot can be heard saying. “This flight is requesting to return…,” the operator is heard asking a colleague to confirm the correct protocol. The poor thing, a passenger left her kid in the waiting room.”

“We warned you, a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the trip,” they say to the pilot when he explains why he wants to return to the airport.


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